Adamello Ultra Trail

165km 11.500D+

Ed. 2018

With its 165 kilometers and above all the 11,550 meters in altitude, the Adamello Ultra Trail is one of the most prestigious alpine ultramaratone on the national calendar. A "long distance" test that traces the walkways of the First in an absolutely peaceful way World War, made more than a century ago by the Military Engineers to allow displacements and supplies of the Alpine troops when the front of the Great War was just in the territory that today is fortunately "only" the border line between Lombardy and Trentino, between the Stelvio National Park and the Regional Adamello. To commemorate the centenary of the end of the conflict, the path of Adamello Ultra Trail has undergone a change that has made it even more spectacular, especially with the passage "by night" to 2681 meters of the "Passo dei Contrabbandieri.

An event for everyone, a true full immersion of nature. At the end of an intense weekend dedicated to long distances in Piazza IV Luglio in Vezza d'Oglio, the awards ceremony of the finishers have lowered the curtain on the fifth edition. 470 competitors from 10 different nations have created a three-day event on the border fronts between Lombardy and Trentino. Two of its parks (Stelvio National Park, Adamello Regional Park) 11 communes touched (Edolo, Monno, Anvil, Vezza d'Oglio, Vione, Temù, Ponte di Legno, Vermiglio). Three distances, so much effort and unforgettable emotions.

Luca Manfredi Negri and Daniela Montelli won the race.

luca manfredi

Luca Manfredi | 28h33’51”

daniela montelli

Daniela Montelli | 40h07’46”


adamello ultra trail

Map | AUT

adamello ultra trail

Altimetry | AUT


84 Km 5700 m D+

Ed. 2018

Dino Melzani and Katia Figini are the winners of the Adamello Trail.

daniela montelli

Katia Figini |14h34’08”

Approximately 150 competitors at the start on the intermediate distance of the AUT which, on Saturday morning, departed from the center of Ponte di Legno. At the 17th km check the first 20 competitors, more different than others taken to sample.


30 Km

Ed. 2018

Thanks to the partnership with Rosa Associati this year the 30km test was dedicated to runners and simple walkers with start and finish in the heart of Ponte di Legno. Cycle paths, dirt roads, historical centers and breathtaking views for the Sunday trial that attracted 220 competitors to the starting line.

The winners are Simone Brunelli in 2h02’11” and Laura Brenna in 2h18’27”.