Bellagio Skyrace, Half Skyrace, Nsck1 Vertical

Bellagio, Italy

October 20, 21th 2018

NSCK1 Bellagio Vertical

Length: 4,5 km; height difference: 810 mt elevation gain

Saturday, October 20th
P.zza. San Giovanni, Bellagio Italy

The Start takes place in Piazza San Giovanni Bellagio 210 meters above sea level, after about 200 meters you cross the Provincial to immediately enter the mule track that leads to Cagnanica, here begins the route n.1 that passing from the locality of the mills of the Perlo after 2.00 km in Brogno locality 550 meters above sea level (supply with water and mineral salts). Start the trail, which climbing into the forest for 2.5 km leads to the "belvedere nuvolone" (980 meters above sea level), where it is expected to arrive. At this point of the route the splendid view of the promontory of Bellagio and the Rhaetian Alps is unique. The return is expected by descending on foot from the same path made to go up.

The Nsck1 which will be held on Saturday afternoon will open the dances of the Bellagio weekend dedicated to skyrunning. The test vertical (with a development of 4.5 km with a positive drop of 810 meters with the finish line set at the Belvedere of Mount Nuvolone and starting at 15) will precede the main race on Sunday, the Bellagio Skyrace, final test of the Skyrunner Italy Series and penultimate round of the Lombardy circuit take your time Serim Valetudo.

Bellagio Skyrace | Half Skyrace

Skyrace: lengh: 28,1 km; height difference: 1850 mt elevation gain

Half Skyrace: lengh: 14,3 km; height difference: 1080 mt elevation gain

Sunday, October 21st
P.zza mazzini, bellagio Italy

The Start takes place on the lakefront of Bellagio at 221m asl. It runs along the lakefront towards the historic center of Bellagio and through the Serbelloni climb you reach the upper part of the village, continue on the provincial road for 300 meters and take the steps that drive to Aureggio, continue down to the Taronico area and, at the level of the avenue in front of Villa Giulia, take the steps leading to Suira (we are 2.0 km away), you return to asphalt again and, after 500mt in locality 'mills of the Perlo, go down a stretch and after the bridge after 200 meters on the left take the mule track (Route n.1) which becomes dirt road from the village' Begola up to the 'Brogno area 550mt above sea level (replenishment with water and mineral salts). Begin the path n. 39, which climbing into the forest, for the most part a chestnut that, in 2.5km leads to the belvedere nuvolone (980 m asl). At this point of the route the splendid view of the promontory of Bellagio and the Rhaetian Alps repays the effort here accomplished. Continue for a short stretch and then descend to 870 meters, in the short descent there is a technical stretch on limestone rocks, at the end of the stretch continues for 500 meters and you reach Roccolo where there will be a RICH refreshment with hot tea, Mineral salts, water, fruit, sweets, coca cola.

Here the roads are divided:

the runners of the Half Skyrace will go down on the left through the forest and, passing from Gravedona through Sèler they will return to Brogno and, retracing the path number. 1, the competitors will cross Cagnanica and once they reach the old nursery of San Giovanni they will cross the 300mt mule that will take them to the old Guggiate canatory. From here following the directions of the staff arrive in Loppia where they will take the entrance of the Park of the Villa Gardens Melzi and, through a beautiful avenue in gravel surrounded by the autumn green of the park will pop up on the lakefront Europe where the arrival is placed.

the runners of the Skyrace, will climb through the forest path ITINERARY N.39, which becomes a beech forest and, in 3km, leads to the Martina refuge (1200 mt above sea level) SUPPLY AND GATEWAYS.Coming from here the hardest stretch of climb, which leads on the summit of Monte S. Primo (1680m above sea level), Cima Coppi. We are about 12 km away. You descend from the summit for about 80 meters on a gravely technical path, to be careful but easy. Start a panoramic up and down of 2 km on the ridge in the path on pasture, which will lead to Alpe di Spessola. Very scenic stretch where you can see to the north (on your left), the promontory of Bellagio now far and the chain of the Rhaetian Alps. In front (east), the northern Grigna in all its charm. To the south all the Intherland Milanese. The ridge path is technically easy and does not present dangers. From Alpe di Spessola, after passing the pond, go up to the left up to Ponciv (RIFORNIMENTO). Coming down from the path on pasture in the old ski slope of the ridge, at the fork opening you enter the forest again following itinerary no. Follow the path up to the Alpe Vecchia (Alp Vecc ') to continue until Prà Filippo. In Sasso Piatto (Sass Piatt) we are in the valley of the Perlo, crossed the Perlo stream, go up again for 100 meters, then follow the dirt road for about 300 meters and take the cement road on the left that leads to Paùm. At the top of this stretch of concrete road, you are on the path 39 (It is indicated with a little visible sign) and you go back to Roccolo, where you will go down the same route of the HALF SKYRACE. The same riders arrived in Loppia, will enter the park of the gardens of Villa Melzi where a beautiful gravel road inside the park will bring them back to the arrival on the lakefront of Bellagio.