Bobbio Vertical

Introbio, Italy

Length: 3.9 km; height difference: 1070 mt elevation gain

October 21th 2018

Piani di Bobbio ski area, the finish line of this vertical Km is set that from the heart of Valsassina, precisely to Introbio, rises towards the rescue track.

Path: From the center of Introbio you will drive about 200 meters of asphalt and then take the path that leads to the Piani di Bobbio. After starting the wood, on a rough terrain mixed rocks, you start to face the first important slopes. After about 1Km a tract can breathe and allows a change of pace that for a few meters, on this path, is tackled at a pace so-called "racing". After having passed the driveway, you will find the lawn on the left and, for the next few minutes, the first real wall begins. Once the wood is finished, you will enter the "Corda" trail and all the rest of the route will be on it. Alternating difficult parts with important slopes to more "corrible" parts but, not having a homogeneous grip, the support of the foot changes of conitnuo and it is difficult to take a good step. Around the 900 meters of difference in altitude begins the last wall, which in a few hundred meters of distance leads to the finish line next to the cableway.

2018 results

Awards ceremony

introbio bobbio vertical 2018 martina brambilla

Women podium

introbio bobbio vertical 2018 martina brambilla

Men podium

Last stop of the Sky Vertical circuit and success for Martina Brambilla who won the race with a time of 48'37 ", with almost two minutes ahead of Sonia Opi and 2'53" on Chiara Fumagalli. In the top ten also three athletes of Valvarrone: Fabrizia Bertoldini (As Premana) seventh, Manuela Buzzoni (Pol.Pagnona) eighth and Pamela Fazzini tenth. martina brambilla

Martina Brambilla

Among the men won Sergio Bonaldi, in front of Mattia Curtoni and Danilo Brambilla (Falchi Lecco).

Danilo Brambilla and Martina Brambilla thanks to these results they won the trophy of Sky & Vertical Affari and Sport 2018 cicrcuit.

danilo martina brambilla

Danilo Brambilla and Martina Brambilla