Brenta Skyrace 2019

21 km 1900 D+ in the wildest Dolomites


July 7h, 2019


The north-eastern sector of the Brenta Dolomites, also known as the Campa subgroup, is a mountainous complex with a special charm. The wild and uncontaminated environment makes it an ideal oasis for many species of alpine fauna, from brown bears to roe deer, from chamois to marmots, from grouse to golden eagles.

In this splendid theater Sunday 7 July 2019, the third edition of the Brenta Skyrace is staged. Tough competition for real skyrunners, but also an opportunity to cross enchanted places, green pastures, dizzying ridges and boundless landscapes. 8.30 am, to the hermitage of S. Pancrazio we leave Start the climb immediately, which will be very strong for now. We have only traveled one km, we are still fresh.

We take the steep path of the Scalazze. An ancient access road to the mountain that allows us to take altitude quickly through a deep canyon carved into the rock. We still climb about one km and suddenly everything changes. We leave the forest and cross the green pastures of Malga Arza. A perfectly flat road leads us to the Malga as well as second refreshment (3.5 km 1507 m). We continue for a few hundred meters on a dirt road until we reach a crossroads. We take to the right and we take the path of the Parìs. The slope is not excessive, you can run for good stretches except for a few more demanding sections. The path, about 3.5 km long, leads us to Malga Termoncello, where we find the third restaurant (7 km. 1860 m).

The view becomes interesting. To the north-east we begin to see the upper Val di Non and in the distance we can see the Dolomites of the Val di Fassa with the Latemar and the Catinaccio in the front row, while in the west the majestic chain of peaks stands out from the Passo del Grosté up to Monte Peller. We wanted refreshment, we leave again. We go around Mount Bastiot to the east through the "cianaloni". The route alternates between rather steep climbs and short descents. As we take altitude, the scenario changes. The green of the larches leaves room for the Dolomite gray. The race is hard, but suddenly our efforts are rewarded by a magnificent panorama of the Madonnina group with the imposing pyramid of Cima Borcola that dominates above Malga Campa. We actually cross the Bocchetta della Campa (2040 m). The first part of the descent is very steep and technical, a metal cord helps us in the most challenging sections.

After an alternation of short climbs and flat stretches, we arrive at Malga Campa where the fourth restaurant is located (10 km 1978 m). Now the last climb of our adventure awaits us. We aim at the water trough and continue straight along path 338 in the direction of the montoz saddle, which we will leave between a kilometer. We left the vegetation behind, except for some isolated reckless larch and some mountain pine bushes. Near a rock we take the detour that goes up the steep pasture, at the peak of which, innumerable ups and downs will put the most tenacious athletes to the test. After about 1.5 km we are at the Bocchetta di Val Strangola (fifth stop (13.5 km 2257 m). In front of us huge screes descend steeply towards the Tovel Valley. Now a slightly downhill path interspersed with a pair of tears, it leads us quickly to the Passo degli Inferni, where we can already see the summit cross.

Now the most technical and spectacular section of the entire route begins. We cross to the left the steep scree that goes down towards the Valley of the Hells, then we climb a couple of steep chimneys, protected by fixed ropes, and here we are on the summit ridge of Mount Bastiot. The crest is not difficult, but some passages require the use of hands to facilitate the overcoming of some steps. In front of us an iron cross makes us understand that we are here, we have arrived on the Cima Lovertina (Bastiot). It is worth stopping a few seconds even if we are competing in a competition. The view is superb. Below us the Val di Non, further on the Dolomites of Val Gardena and Val di Fassa, the group of the Pale di S. Martino and the Lagorai. To the north the group of the Magdalene with the shimmering of the border ridge on the horizon. 1100 meters below us the Lake of Tovel which with its clear waters acts as a natural mirror to the northern Brenta chain. Now only descent, so much descent.

At the finish there are still 7 km but above all it is positioned 1500 meters lower. A stretch without particular difficulties, in less than 10 minutes brings us back to Malga Termoncello where we find the sixth refreshment point (16 km 1860 m). We turn right. The path is fast and smooth. An exact km and we are in Malga Loverdina (1771 m). Then down again towards the valley. Here you lose altitude quickly, for several minutes we will be immersed in the wild larch forest. No one will interrupt our peace. Soon, however, the path will take us to the forest road where we will find the last refreshment point (18.5 km 1240 m). The abandoned trail takes you back 20 meters before, the first stretch is very easy, slightly downhill, you go fast. For a little though. Suddenly the slope increases. A series of very steep and very close curves make it quite challenging. At the end of the descent we turn left and a short abandoned mule track leads us to the Valon road. Here we are, less than one km away on arrival. We already hear the voice of the speaker announcing our arrival. Through a last small path we skirt the old church and the hermitage of San Pancrazio, and here is the banner. It's over. 21 km, 1900 m in altitude. A mix of strength, endurance, courage and a touch of madness that should never be missing in a skyrunner. All inserted in a wild environment not yet contaminated by large mass tourism.

Winners of 2018

1. Reiterer Andreas in 02:18:51; 2. Geiser Tobias in 02:21:29; 3. Thoeni David in 02:22:50.

1. Piejak Viktoria in 02:51:54; 2. Iachelini Federica in 03:17:04; 3. Tribus Isabel in 03:18:58.

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