Bassano del Grappa | Italy

3rd edition 7 October 2018


Length: 43 km, Elevation gain: 2106 m+.

2000 athletes, including those "crazy" of the Long who have faced a fun but insidious path, and the 800 short runners who have run between waterfalls and pristine oases. And then there are them, the future of the trail: 500 boys who have faced 7 km under the rain on Saturday and 100 children who have run through the vineyards of Villa Angarano Sunday

Moments with Silvia Rampazzo: world champion in mountain racing (1st of 43km), Francesca Canepa: winner of UTMB this year (3rd of 43km), Marco Olmo, the legend of the ultra World Trail (present on the 18km) and my darling Mélina Grosjean from Rrun Besançon Kiwami 1st on the 18km format.

Great novelty of the 2018 edition is the LONG trail, which in this 3rd edition will be reversed compared to the 2017 edition, making all those who want to try this track reset their laps and change the tactics of the race! The inversion will allow you to properly warm up your legs at the start: in the initial phase, after a lap of honour around the vineyards of Villa Angarano, there will be a large linear path that extends over 4 abundant km along the Brenta, which will flow to your right in the opposite direction. These first flat kilometres to the north can be covered fast until reaching Campese, where the sprinters will have to make way for the climbers. In fact, here you will find yourself facing a "race within the race", with a vertical climb of 1000 m in just 5 kilometres, which will take you to the top of Mount Caina, at 1121 metres above sea level (the highest point of the trail). The sticks could be a valid ally in this phase. The effort will be rewarded once you get to the top: after passing near the statue of the Madonna, you will be able to enjoy a breath-taking view and you will know that the first real climb is now behind you. This passage will make you marvel at its view: from the Caina you overlook Bassano del Grappa, a large slice of the merger of Valsugana, a huge portion of the Veneto plain, and on clear days you can see the Apennines. On the right dominates an imposing Mount Grappa.

Some ups and downs among the pastures and then you take the mulattiera leading to the Trinceroni di Campolongo: built after the breach of Caporetto, these impressive fortifications linked the numerous battle stations set up under the crest of the mountain and, armed with artillery, they were used to guard the Grappa and the underlying Brenta valley in case of enemy invasion. These will take you through a comfortable and easy path that reaches the malga (rustic building used to shelter livestock and process milk) Valranetta, where you will be accompanied by free animals in a territory known since the sixteenth century for the production of cow's milk malga cheese. From here, with a dirt road in progressive climb, you get to the entrance of the Cave Dipinte (Painted Quarries) (km 15.4) of the famous Bassano artist Toni Zarpellon. It is one of the most charming passages of the trail: these quarries are in fact true open-air artworks whose works began in 1989 with the "Cava Dipinta" (Painted Quarry). Alongside it there is the "Cava Abitata" (Inhabited Quarry), done in 1991 and named so because inside it they placed about 150 fuel tanks of cars of various shapes and sizes which, thanks to cuts and cracks obtained with chisels and gouges, acquired human and animal features. The third and last quarry "Laboratorio" (Laboratory) is a space open to imagination, a place of experimentation within which every intervention is left to the free interpretation of visitors. Next, 3 km downhill of the insidious Val delle Lupie, which in case of heavy rains in the previous days is to be tackled carefully due to a particularly slippery ground. Then up the second true climb with 500 m of height difference and you reach Contrà Pizzati (21.2 km), where a long descent begins among pastures and small villages. After the turning point of the trail you will be faced with the infamous Gorghi Scuri, which will test even the most technical downhillers. Relaxing ups and downs and "eat and drink" will take you through the Marostica hills of San Floriano and San Benedetto and cross the enchanted Gemma Oasis, a passage among pools of spring water and delicate blooms. One last effort will take you to Caluga and then down to Vallison and San Bovo until you return to the Brenta. For those who will still have it in them there will be a sprint of 2 km and then... the beautiful frame of Villa Angarano and a well-deserved beer!

Top 3 man

1. Davide Cheraz

2. Enzo Romeri

3. Julien Jorro


Top 3 man

Top 3 women

Silvia Rampazzo

Daniela Rota

Francesca Canepa


Top 3 women


Length: 18 km, Elevation gain: 750 m+

The biggest change is the stretch that passes through the valley formed by the river Silan, the layout of which creates waterfalls and pools, cutting through the south-easternmost reaches of the Sette Comuni district! This is an opportunity to discover ancient mule tracks just a stone’s throw from the centre of Bassano del Grappa. The trail is slightly longer than in previous editions, at a distance of 18.2 km and an elevation gain of 653 m. After the start of the race and the distinctive stretch through the vineyards of Villa Angarano Bianchi Michiel, the route turns to flank the western side of the river Brenta, where competitors run for 4 level kilometres: just right to warm the legs up. At Campese, the trail takes a left, parting ways with the Brenta until they meet again in the final kilometres. Pay attention when crossing the provincial road Strada Provinciale. Once this has been crossed, the climb begins towards Contrà Sasso Rosso, where after 100 metres you will find the turn-off dividing the Short and Long trails.

Take the CAI 762 trail (to the left), where the wide pathway narrows into a single track, which will bring runners to the Tagliafuoco. At this point, you will have climbed 220 m over the course of about 1 km! The trail widens out, following the old Tobacco Ridgeway called the Alta Via del Tabacco, until Caluga. From the little cluster of houses, take a right in the direction of Valrovina along the “Castagnile” track. Once you have arrived in front of the Chiesa di Valrovina church, turn away from the town centre, going around the back of the cemetery which will bring you into the valley formed by the river Silan, one of the most awe-inspiring locations along this new route. The name comes from the Cimbrian word “Silaha”, which, when given the suffix “an”, means “the place where water runs”. Descend Via Armentaria, the ancient cobbled street used for the movement of livestock, flanked by paved drainage channels to ensure that rainfall and spring water do not compromise the stability of the track. The trail crosses an arched brick bridge spanning a gorge which was already known to geologists in the 18th century, flanked by two great vertical rock walls embedded with the fossil fragments of marine creatures. Once you reach a spring trickling along rock with an elegant covering of ferns, the trail turns right towards the Cascate Del Silan waterfalls. You will be captivated by the cascading river, the sound of the torrent, and the surrounding gorge alive with ferns and moss. Descend towards the falls, passing underneath them by leaping from one rock to another across the river. Immersed in lush greenery, crossing these limestone boulders will leave you refreshed, and, if rain has fallen recently, the thundering and churning of the Silan falls will be awe-inspiring! From here, after another simple fording using stepping stones, runners head towards Contrà Soarda, where the winery of the same name is currently to be found. Its farmlands are home to more than 60 thousand grapevines and 1,000 olive trees. The hill affords competitors a sense of reinvigoration, with its 360-degree view of the surrounding countryside. Another easy downhill stretch along Strada Soarda (exited with a left turn) will bring you to Oasi Gemma. Cross this peaceful natural Oasis, with its pools of spring water and delicate flora. Once the Oasis has been left behind, and the Contrà San Giorgio crossed with care, run through the vineyards of San Giorgio in the direction of Castellaro. At the Caluga crossing, keep going straight to join the AVT Sarson - San Bovo path. This is the home stretch, which experts can take at full speed while beginners take more care with grips and leaps, all heading towards Sarson! 2 more level kilometres along the river Brenta, running on your left-hand side, with a distant view of the Ponte Vecchio bridge, until your hard-earned arrival at the finishing line at the Villa! C.O CMP Trail

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CMP Trail Youth

In its third edition, the program of the CMP Trail - Bassano del Grappa, is enriched with a day entirely dedicated to youth sport. On Saturday 6th October the CMP Trail Youth took place, a promotional trail running race dedicated to children aged between 11 and 19 years.

Departure and arrival always and in Villa Angarano, as unchanged remains the goal of the competition: promote the values ​​of sport among young people and convey the principles that distinguish this particular variant of running, characterized by the presence of a community of incredibly cohesive athletes and from an ethical code which respects the nature and the adversary. As well as the emotions of the victory, 80 scholarships funded by numerous companies in the Bassano area and not only will be assigned to the first 10 of each category: "Boys" male and female (born in 2007, 2006 and 2005) , "Cadets" for men and women (born in 2004 and 2003), "Students" for men and women (born in 2002 and 2001) and "Juniores" for men and women (born in 2000 and 1999). Two further scholarships worth 1000 euros will be awarded to the school and to the sports club with more finisher.


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