Energy Vertical 8(cento) in Condotta

Locana - Italy

Length: 3200 steps (1400m); Elevation gain: 800 m

30th of September 2018

energy vertical 2018

Energy Vertical 8(cento) in Condotta | Locana - Italy | 2018

The path

800 meters of positive difference in height for 1400 meters of development and 3200 steps along the forced conduit of the Iren plants of Roson.

The race

It was held in Rosone, a fraction of Locana in Valle dell'Orco, the 8cento race in the Conduct Energy Vertical on the Iren pipeline, which brings water to the hydroelectric plant. Race uphill with 800 meters in altitude, 1.4 km of development and 3200 steps to climb. The race is part of the Gran Paradiso Grand Prix circuit. In the men's race Maurizio Giacoletto Papas in 30'03 ", followed on the podium by Roberto Giacchetto 2nd in 30'27" and Alex Peraudo 3rd in 30'39 ". Top ten completed by Lorenzo Facelli 4th in 32'12 ", Thomas Young 5th in 33'10", Vincenzo Ciancio 6th in 33'37 ", Tommaso Mecca Civat 7th in 34'03", Fausto Salvai 8th in 34'31 ", Alberto Vaulà 9th in 35'02" and Livio Soffietti 10th in 35'33 ". In the women's race Chiara Giovando won in 33'10 ", 2nd Ornella Bosco n 34'49" and 3rd Chiara Fumagalli 3rd in 34'59 ".