Ergysport Trail du Ventoux

Bédoin Ventoux, France

March 17th, 2019

46.0 km, 2036 m D+, 2020 m D-

22.0 km, 996 m D+, 973 m D-

Since 1990, World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO for the great wealth of its natural and cultural heritage, the Giant of Provence is also a favorite area for outdoor sports.

It is in this exceptional environment that the Trail of Ventoux travels, borrowing from Bedoin, the wildest trails to reach the mythical summit at 1912 M altitude. The climb to the top is always a great moment, especially as the conditions can be more changing, sometimes even forcing the race direction to take decisios last minutes to ensure the safety of the runners. It is not uncommon to find an end, Mars still has snow on the summit parts and on the ridges, while below the almond trees are already in bloom. This is one of the specificities of this event. A departure in an often spring-like atmosphere, on the paths and paths crossing the colored ochres and pacing the paths in border between the South face and the North face, it is then a typical Provençal Trail.

Then after the separation of the two courses to 1400 M, those who pursue towards the summit enter the world of the high combes and ridges, then a Mountain Trail, in a grandiose environment. The summit reached, will follow 5 kilometers in ridges along the vertiginous northern valleys, deep in the north the entire chain of the Alps on the horizon horizon, while in the south in good time we can see the scintillating ponds Camargue and the Mediterranean. After the passage to the second supply, we dive into the wild combe of the Grave to join the GR 91 B which bar all the South face, passing Jas in Jas, these former sheepfolds typical of the places and join the last combe, presentation 03celle de Beaume du Chat or Maraval depending on the year to join the Piedmont trail, with these last valleys between pine forests, vineyards, olive groves and truffle to complete this great route and cross the finish line in front of the towers of the Florans area.

Ergysport Trail du Ventoux France 2019

Ergysport Trail du Ventoux

The Golden Trail National Series arrives in France and Belgium and will start at Ventoux on MARCH 17, 2019

Building on the success of the 2018 World Tour, the Golden Trail Series, will see appear in 2019, national circuits of the same name, in several countries including a circuit France / Belgium, but also, Italy, Spain, Germany ...

"This circuit is also a big and already long adventure of trail running enthusiasts who work mostly in the shadows, to offer nice appointments to runners. Going from Ventoux to the Belgian Ardennes, the Alps and finishing in the Basque country, it is also the perfect opportunity to rediscover our beautiful trails, and region. " Opportunity to be invited to run the 2020 World Circuit.

"Some changes will also see the day, as the number of races that passes to 5 (only the 3 best performances will be taken into account for the final ranking), a new device for awarding points, and taking into account 2 rankings: Woman and Man scratch.

As in 2018, the best of both categories, after the first 4 meetings, are invited to participate in the national final in the Basque country. They will also have the opportunity to win, in the final ranking of the circuit, invitations to participate for free in the whole of the World Cup 2020 »

Ergysport Trail du Ventoux Path

Ergysport Trail du Ventoux France 2019

46 km Ergysport Trail du Ventoux

Ergysport Trail du Ventoux France 2019

22 km Ergysport Trail du Ventoux


46 KM: start at 8 am in front of the Cultural Center of Bedoin

22 KM and 9 KM: start at 08:30 am in front of the Cultural Center of Bedoin


registrations are closes for the 46 Km and still open on the 23 Km and the 9 KM

After registration, for any changes contact

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The VENTOUX "UNESCO Biosphere Reserve"

The summit of Mont Ventoux peaks at 1912 m. The Mont Ventoux dominates in the south the plain of the county, the steepest northern flank is bordered by the Toulourenc valley.

The climatic conditions at the summit (wind blowing up to 250 km / h) and the karst structure of the site suggest that it is snow-covered permanently (especially between altitude 1400 and the summit because there is no visible vegetation) which gives this summit a unique atmosphere.

Part of the site is registered (law 1930). The Mont Ventoux area has been classified as a Biosphere Reserve since 1990. The summit is part of the European network of Natura 2000 ecological sites where actions for the preservation of biodiversity are carried out. (See the Natura 2000 website

The summit benefits from a biotope decree (6 in all on the massif), this individualized mountain in front of the pre-Alps constitutes a very southern climate barrier with a rare flora and an exceptional biodiversity (one finds among others at the top "the poppy of Greenland ").

During the winter months The summit is only accessible on foot from mid-November to May. The years of strong snow can be practiced on both sides of the mountain, winter sports activities. Rando snowshoeing, skiing on the slopes of Mont Serein and Chalet Reynard, during the winter of 2011 we even climbed on icy stream in North face. . Beware of the cornices that form between the tip of the Grave and the collar of storms that can be dangerous. A rich fauna people the massif. A large population of deer, in the great forest with the strong moment of burning in October. Large colonies of chamois and mouflons, but also roe deer, hares, etc ... not to mention the presence at least intermittent of the wolf.sommet-ventoux-soleil-couchant A very rich and varied plant cover with a large beech, but also of beautiful pine forests of Austrian black pine and the largest cedar forest in Europe. A very rich, but fragile natural environment that deserves our full attention. So respect this one at each of your outings, be as discreet as possible on the trails, do not throw anything, pick up even the trash that is not yours to keep these places as clean as possible. From our behavior to all depends the future of this natural space that we must bequeath to our children in a perfect state.

In summer, it receives about 600,000 to 750,000 visitors a year.