Garda Trentino Xmas Trail

The first trail race in the Alto Garda

December 15th, 2018

Torbole, Italy

The race:

Distance: 30km; Difference in altitude: 1200 m D+; Unpaved track: 80%; Start/Arrival: Torbole; Refreshment ponts: 10°Km/21°km.

Highest point: 483m s.l.m. Busa dei Capitani – Monte Corno

Most panoramic points

Lungolago di Garda between Torbole and Riva del Garda, Riva del Garda historic center, Venetian Bastion, Tenno Castle and village of Frapporta, Olivaia di Tenno and Arco, Arco Castle, Church of San Martino, Bosco di Castagni di Nago, historical center of Nago, Castel Penede, Santa Lucia street, historical center of Torbole.

Technical characteristics of the path

Low-altitude trail suitable for the winter season. The first part, up to the second refreshment, is characterized by a rather lively route both in the background variety and the alternation of climbs and descents. The second part, however, is almost a long climb to cut the slope of Monte Corno until you reach the highest stretch of the track. From this point the descent towards Nago takes place on a path that crosses the plaques, which, although wide and equipped with parapets, requires a little attention. After crossing the village of Nago, descend towards the arrival of the historic Santa Lucia road.

Two are the main novelties of the Garda Trentino XMas Trail 2018 edition: the possibility of covering the track with a relay race (first 17km fraction, second of 13km) and that of composing the Winter Xmas Trail Challenge, a special award that will be realized on the sum of the times obtained by the individual athletes in the UltraBericus Winter on December 2nd (in Arcugnano, in the province of Vicenza) and in the Garda Trentino Xmas Trail on December 15th: at the end of the race the awards for this Challenge will also be held. One more reason, therefore, to get ready for a little bit and run with Santa to the Garda Trentino XMas Trail.

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