La Skyrhune

September 21st, 2019

Ascain, Netherlands

Since 2014, Skyrhune has become in some editions a must-see event at the end of the season! The success and influence of the event continues to grow beyond Basque borders. Everything is there for the riders to spend memorable moments and since its creation, great international riders are moving to try to put their name on the charts, such as Maria Zorroza (2015), Céline Lafaye (2016), Ingrid Mutter ( 2017), Anais Sabrié (2018), or Alexis Sevennec (2014), Aritz Egea (2015), Thibault Baronian (2016-2017) and Nicolas Martin (2018) in Men.

Skyrhune is an alchemy of many elements! A course unchanged since its creation, with many kilometers and a panoramic route between Mountain and Ocean, on technical trails with the climax of climbing the mythical mountain Rhune. A very demanding ratio, 21km and 1700+, which in itself is already a challenge out of the ordinary and requires a very specific preparation. You also add some originality with medals at the time to win, specific jerseys on certain sections of the course, ... what set goals for all participants!

This 6th edition will be the support of the Golden Trail National Series Finals France-Belgium 2019 and the show promises to be once again grand! The pressure rises on the slopes of the Rhune, all the passionate protagonists of Mountain Racing in the Basque Country are busy to make the party great, whether runners, volunteers or spectators, ... it's going to be the fire Saturday!

The records of Thibaut Baronian (2017 - 1h53'27 '') and Anaïs Sabrié (2018 - 2h15'30 '') will they be worried ... more than a few days to know it ... the protagonists are there ... but the weather conditions will always be decisive with a start at 14h.

Elites side, we can already announce that the density will be very large for the greatest pleasure of all! Referring to the ITRA International Rankings, there will be 3 Females registered at more than 750 points, and 10 Men at more than 850 points (but also 30 at more than 800 points, and 70 at more than 750 points). The figures specialists will appreciate ...

On the women's side, the podium favorites are clearly Blandine L'Hirondel, the 2019 World Champion in the marathon format, French Champion of Trail Short 2019, a fan of the races in the Basque Country and who will be keen to shine, Amandine Ferrato, who has made the Golden Trail World Series International Circuit and prepares the Final in Nepal, the Basque Oihana KORTAZAR, always present at the highest international level also on the Golden Trail World Series 2019 and the very young 2019 revelation, Lucile GERMAIN, French Champion Hope Trail Court and Mountain Race. It will still monitor Lucille OCHS, Oana MIHALCEA (GTNS2019 leader), Maud COMBARIEU the local (5th in 2018), Nadège SERVANT (6th in 2018), Marine QUINTARD and the young Spanish BERINGUES Maria, PEREZ Aida.

In Men, the arrival of the young Italian prodigy Davide MAGNINI, 22 years old, winner of 2 rounds of the Golden Trail World 2019 Series (Mont Blanc Marathon and Dolomythes Skyrace) necessarily places him as one of the big favorites, facing Thibaut Baronian in very great form in 2019, the only double winner of the Skyrhune. We expect the big show at the head of the race! But they will not be alone, and whoever will be able to predict the Top 5 on the finish line will be a connoisseur and certainly a lucky strand! We will rely on: Julien Michelon, Didier Zago, Sylvian Cachard, Arnaud Bonin, Ricardo Borgiali (Ita), Antonio Alcalde (Spain), Ismail Razga (Mar), Noel Burgos (Spain), Nicola Bucci (Bel), Romain Buissard, Baptist Chassagne, Anthony Felber, Benjamin Bellamy, Benoit Galand, Nicolas Bouvier Gaz, Romain Jacquier, Guillaume Levoy, Pol Rodriguez, Gideon Pochat, Pantxo St Martin, Florian Becker, Xabi Macias, ...

There will be a fight for the victory, the podiums, but even more for all the accessits, the gold, silver, bronze medals, the special jerseys of climber, descender, hope, veteran, ... all that has been set up on the Skyrhune since the first editions, on a course unchanged since its creation, to put the performance at the center of everyone's motivations, without forgetting this crazy atmosphere and a taste of the holiday pronounced ... short it will be a great show and surpassing oneself at all levels!


Woman: Blandine Hirondel, Amandine Ferrato, Oihana Kortazar (Esp), Lucile Germain, Lucille Ochs, Oana Mihalcea (Rou), Maud Combarieu, Marine Quintard, Servant Nadege, Maria Beringues (Esp), Aida Perez (Esp) ..

Man: Davide Magnini (Ita), Thibaut Baronian, Julien Michelon, Didier Zago, Sylvian Cachard, Arnaud Bonin, Ricardo Borgiali (Ita), Antonio Alcalde (Spain), Ismail Razga (Mar), Noel Burgos (Spain), Nicola Bucci ( Bel), Romain Buissard, Baptiste Chassagne, Anthony Felber, Benjamin Bellamy, Benoit Galand, Nicolas Bouvier Gaz, Romain Jacquier, Guillaume Levoy, Pol Rodriguez, Gideon Pochat ...

La Skyrhune

La Skyrhune |

La Skyrhune is a Mountain Running event organized by the "Lemur Team", Association Law 1901 No. W401004418. The race will take place on September 21, 2019. The start and arrivals will be judged in Ascain, on the Fronton of the Place Pierre Loti.

The path measures 21km. The elevation gain is 1700m and will be marked in its entirety. The route takes small roads (3km) and mountain trails (18km) on the Rhune Massif. Trails will be 90% of the single tracks, very steep and technical in places. The course is of significant difficulty reported over the distance of 21km. Unchanged since 2014. A specific habit and preparation for this type of terrain is required to participate and take full advantage of this event. Depending on the weather conditions, the Race Direction reserves the right to modify the course at any time (including once the start has been given) to ensure the maximum safety of the participants: distance and altitude will be different and communicated in due time.

Winners of 2018:

Martin Nicolas in 2h01'44''

Anaïs Sabrié in 2h15’30’’

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