Monte Rosa SkyMarathon

Italian Alps - June 22, 2019

Distance 35 km. Vertical climb 7,000m +/-

William Boffelli and Franco Collé, 2018 Monte Rosa SkyMarathon winners. ©

William Boffelli and Franco Collé, 2018 Monte Rosa SkyMarathon winners. ©

After the successful relaunch in 2018 of the historic Monte Rosa SkyMarathon in the Italian Alps, the next edition will take place on June 22, 2019.

The 2018 event attracted some of the world’s top athletes in a field of 300 participants from 23 countries. They included skyrunning superstars Kilian Jornet and Emelie Forsberg, the men’s winners Franco Collé and William Boffelli and women’s winners Hillary Gerardi and Holly Page.

It is Europe’s highest race reaching the Margherita Hut at 4,554m altitude. A “mere” 35 kilometres long, it boasts a gruelling 7,000m ascent and descent over moraine, snow fields and glaciers. Due to the high altitude and challenging conditions, the event is open only to athletes with mountaineering experience. Above the snow line, they must wear harnesses, rope up and wear crampons.

Incredibly spectacular scenery is one of the attractions of the race, where from the summit of Europe’s second highest mountain, Monte Rosa, the 360° view takes in the major 4,000m peaks, including the Matterhorn.

The Monte Rosa SkyMarathon retraces the original course dating back to 1993. It was here that the sport of skyrunning was born and here where it will continue to thrive.

The organisers, the AMA Committee, together with the skyrunning founders and institutional and media partners and sponsors, look forward to presenting this second “new” edition and putting those incredible standing records* set back in 1994, up for grabs again.

Tatiana Locatelli and Giuditta Turini, two skimo athletes, second in 2018. ©

Tatiana Locatelli and Giuditta Turini, two skimo athletes, second in 2018. ©

Details of the shorter race to 3,260m. for individual runners will be announced shortly.

Stay tuned for entry dates and join us on June 22, 2019 for the race of the century!

*The standing records are 4h24’ by Fabio Meraldi and 5h34 by Gisella Bendotti. (Emelie Forsberg’s 2018 time of 5h03’56” was the best female performance in a mixed gender team).


MONTE ROSA SKYMARATHON – 4554m – Teams of two

Distance 35 km. Vertical climb 7,000m +/-

The course retraces the original route first completed in 1993 from Alagna Valsesia, 1,192m, via the Bocchetta delle Pisse, 2,396m, to the Indren cable car station at 3,260m. It continues towards the Gnifetti Hut, 3,647m, Colle del Lys, 4,250m, to summit at the Margherita Hut, 4,554m returning by the same course to Alagna.

The route ascends and descends along paths, ski runs and across glaciers in a loop for a total distance of 35 km and 3,490m vertical climb.

The course is on mountain trails with demanding uphill and downhill sections, over snow fields, glaciers with crevasses, exposed areas, steep pastures and scree, possibly subject to severe environmental and weather conditions, summiting at 4,554m. A high level of physical preparation is required, high altitude mountaineering experience, knowledge of the risks of the terrain and the ability to manage eventual sudden changes such as strong winds and below zero temperatures. The respect of the environment and solidarity towards other competitors are among the principal requirements of this high altitude race. Throwing trash outside the aid stations is subject to a penalty of 3’ to 20’ or disqualification in more serious cases. Assistance from outsiders is allowed only within an area of +/- 100m of the aid stations. The route is marked with flags and tape and/or coloured posts. Other signage may be communicated at the briefing and/or on race day. The signage must be followed on sight before the snow fields and on the exact course in the snow and on the glacier, subject disqualification.

Monte Rosa Profile

Monte Rosa Skymarathon Profile


The race is reserved for teams of athletes with mountaineering experience. Every athlete must complete the online form and supply a brief CV attesting to races completed and high altitude mountain experience.

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