Mountain and Trail Running Italian Championship

July 25/28, 2019

4 races in Valdagno, Santorso, Recoaro Terme, Valli del Pasubio, Italy

There will be four races scheduled, such as the 8th edition of Trans d'Havet, the 6th edition of Maistrack and the 22nd edition of the Staro-Campogrosso, with a novelty on the Recoaro-Campogrosso route.

It starts on July 25 with the Vertical test on the very direct Mount Summano. Start in Santorso to conquer the 1,000 mD + condensed in just 3.2 km. The path is well known to the runners, on whose track the current record to beat is set at 39'55 '', time signed in 2017 by Manuel Da Col of Team Scott. Race open to all and FIDAL race valid for the National Vertical Cup circuit.

On 26th and 27th July in Valdagno which, in addition to being the beating heart of the entire four days of sport, will host the finish line of the two races of Trail Corto (short trail) and Trail Lungo (long trail). The 40 and 80 km distances of the Trans d'Havet, respectively with 2,500 mD + and 5,500 mD + to be climbed.

The long race will start from Piovene Rocchette (VI) at midnight on Friday 26 July, while on the Marathon track the appointment is scheduled at 9.00 am on Saturday 27 July from Pian delle Fugazze (TN). The two tests will cross some landscapes of the Little Dolomites with the roughness of the ridges of Summano and Novegno to be overcome in the notation for the major race, which will join the tribute to the sacred area of ​​Monte Pasubio that will be crossed along the famous road of the 52 tunnels , then jump in along the way of the Heroes, Gen. D'Havet gallery and Val di Fieno to Pian delle Fugazze. Here the two tests will intertwine their track, continuing with the tear that leads to Campogrosso for the North-West Saddle which will follow the tenacious ascent to the Coppi summit of the entire program, set at 2,239 m asl at Rifugio Mario Fraccaroli. At this point we will proceed in rapid descent towards the Scalorbi mountain hut and in a short-leg climb for the Chain of the Three Crosses up to Cima Marana, from which the last and rather technical descent on the Valdagno finish line comes off.

The route is already well-established and in 2012 tested the best Italian runners for the unique test of the IUTA Italian Championship, while in 2013 it was the scene of the companies of the European Ultra Sky Marathon Championship that saw the triumph of the Spaniards Luis Alberto Hernando Alzaga and Kilian Jornet, together with the Swedish Emelie Forsberg.

The last race will be Sunday, July 28th: ​​Mountain Race race with two different routes. For the Classic race you will ascend from Recoaro Terme along the 12 km winding towards the Passo di Campogrosso, located about 1,100 meters higher. This track will be reserved for the Senior and Absolute categories, while for the Juniores and Promesse categories the challenge will be played along the 8 km and 700 mD + of the historic Staro-Campogrosso, which will also be the theater for the Open race.

Mountain and Trail Running Italian Championship is organized by Ultrabericus Team ASD

There are 11 municipal territories crossed by events (Piovene Rocchette, Santorso, Schio, Posina, Valli del Pasubio, Vallarsa, Ala, Selva di Progno, Crespadoro, Recoaro Terme, Valdagno) on three different provinces (Vicenza, Trento, Verona) and two regions (Veneto and Trentino-Alto Adige).