24 km 1800 D+

Lecco Italy

June 1st, 2019

ResegUp 2019 Altimetry

ResegUp Altimetry

24 km 1800 D+. The start is in the city center, a few steps from the wonderful lake. From there it climbs up to the summit of the Resegone - at an altitude of 1877 meters - and then descends again towards the city, arriving in the central Piazza Cermenati.

The city of Lecco has always been associated with its two most important symbols: the wonderful lake and the imperious Mount Resegone, unique and characteristic elements that embrace the Lombard town.

In this panorama there is a sporting event able to link these two symbolic elements in a single test. A mountain running race that starts from the shore of the lake and touches the summit of the Resegone, descending to the valley following agile paths that chain our territory in a special way.

Path 1. With his old start from Piazza XX Settembre, in the city center, he reached the Stoppani hut through the districts of Castello, Olate, Acquate and Malnago. From there it continued towards the summit of the Resegone. Today that path does not start from the center of Lecco, it starts directly from Malnago, canceled over the years by the growth of the city.

The ResegUp allows, once a year, to retrace the historic path. His invisible line will be retraced, aligning it as much as possible to the old path now forgotten. From there you will leave the city and you will take, through the woods above Lecco, the most beautiful and spectacular way that will lead up to the summit of Resegone.

Near the Azzoni refuge, the extraordinary balcony over Lecco, the Pian Serada will give a unique image of the whole Brianza area. The eye can reach, if the weather permits, to the city of Milan and its shining Madonnina, placed to watch over the city's Duomo.

After the summit, the descent will touch the municipality of Morterone, the smallest in Italy, in Forbesette. From there you will go up towards the "Pass del Giuf" and you will arrive at Piani d'Erna, point of arrival, but also starting point, of paths and railways, reachable also through the cableway.

The last endless descent will lead back to the Stoppani hut and to the heart of the city. A wonderful passage between celebrating people.

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Records of race

2017. Marco Moletto in 02:17:18

2017. Denisa Dragomir in 02:35:44