San Martino di Castrozza | Italy

September 22th, 2018

The race: length: 6.9 k; elevation gain: 1279 m

Vertical Rosetta Trail Run is a fascinating mountain running race, which runs along the western slope of the slopes of Cimon della Pala up to Cima Rosetta. It starts from the famous village of San Martino di Castrozza to go back under the cabana via Colverde to the homonymous shelter. From here the route takes the historic path 701, completely restored a few years ago by the Paneveggio Pale di San Martino Nature Park, to go up steep turns towards the Dente del Cimòn, cross under Cima Corona, reach the pylon of the Rosetta cableway and then at the arrival of the cableway. With a final short vertical jump you reach the summit cross of Cima Rosetta, where the race ends. The view from the Cima is spectacular both towards the majesty of the Cimon, and towards the famous lunar Altipiano delle Pale, both for the view on the valley bottom of Primiero and on the crown of mountains that surround it at 360 °. At the end of the race return to the cableway. Lunch and the awards will be held at the "Palazzetto dello Sport" in the village.

Edition 2018

The Vertical Rosette Trail Run and the Trentino Vertical Circuit change masters. Davide Magnini and Corinna Ghirardi triumphed in the last stage of the high altitude challenge with only ascent along the technical race course that brought the 230 competitors to Cima Rosetta from San Martino di Castrozza. Thanks to this statement both have won the leadership in the general classification of the Trentino Vertical Circuit. At the end of the 6.9 km route, with a positive difference in height of 1279 meters, which developed on the western slope of the slopes of Cimon della Pala, passing through the Refuge Colverde, then take path 701 towards the Dente del Cimon, passing under Cima Corona and near the Rosetta cable car, to then try the last part on the scree until the arrival at Cima Rosetta, Davide Magnini stopped the time trial of only 52'22 ", better than 1'13" respect to the previous one. In the women's field, instead, Corinna Ghirardi won with authority, but failed to improve the performance obtained by Cecilia De Filippo.

davide magnini rosetta vertical

Davide Magnini | Rosetta Vertical 2018

Davide Magnini and Corinna Ghirardi, king and queen, therefore, of the second edition of the Rosetta Vertical Trail Run, both controlling the opponents from beginning to end. Davide on the first inversions under the Colverde cable car was followed by the leader of the circuit Patrick Facchini, with Tiziano Moia nearby. Already at the passage near the Refuge Colverde the vermilion of the Army Sports Center had managed to detach the bishop of the La Sportiva team, starting a solitary race in the most challenging stretch, in a lunar landscape, until the arrival of Cima Rosetta. The fight for the remaining steps of the podium was decided on the first inversions of the path 701, when Tiziano Moia managed to overcome and to detach a Facchini not really in great shape on this day. From that moment on, the first three positions did not change the order. And so Magnini crossed the line with the time of 52'22 ", then to 1'31" Tiziano Moia, to 4'01 "Patrick Facchini, to 4'53" Tarcisio Linardi, to 5'02 "Elia Costa and 6 '07 "Francesco Lorenzi. Then here is Simone Costa and the home athlete Daniele Meneghel, then Pietro Festini Purlan and Nicola Giovanelli.

corinna ghirardi rosetta vertical

Corinna Ghirardi | Rosetta Vertical 2018

Race in solitary also for Corinna Ghirardi, able to finish her test with the time of 1h09'48 ". Try all the comeback then for Veronica Bello, who managed to overcome Susanna Neri near the arrival of the Cableway and to close with a gap of 4'31 "from the winner, while the delay of the third classified by the leader is 5'05 ". Fourth then the home athlete Deborah Pomarè, followed by Daniela Miatello and the young Valentina Loss.