Royal Ultra Sky Marathon

Gran Paradiso Park Sky Race

Ceresole Reale, Italy

July 20-21, 2019

Ninth race of the 2019 Migu Run Skyrunner® World Series
Royal Ultra Sky Marathon Gran Paradiso Italy 2019

Royal Ultra Sky Marathon |

The Royal Ultra Sky Marathon 2019, the sky race of the Gran Paradiso, will be one of the 15 stages of the Skyrunning World Championship (the Migu Run Skyrunner World Series)

The eighth edition of the Royal Ultra Sky Marathon, to be held in Ceresole Reale on July 21st, will see the Gran Paradiso National Park hosted by hundreds of international athletes, who will face a course of 55 km and 4141 m of positive difference in height immersed in the wild nature, on the leitmotif of the Royal Roads of Hunting.

7 hills (passes) up to 3000 m, 55 km distance, (height gain) D+ =4141 D- =4504 m, but mostly the pure wilderness of the first National Park in Italy.

Start from Lake Teleccio in the wild Vallone di Piantonetto, along the routes of the monumental network of the Royal Hunting trails of the Gran Paradiso Park. Snowy passes, ibex, bearded vultures and chamois, ledges and exposed sections, screes and steep meadows and monumental historic trails at the foot of the Gran Paradiso peak (4061 m) and Levanne peak (3619 m), until reaching the finish on the shores of the Ceresole Reale Lake.

Royal Ultra Sky Marathon Gran Paradiso Italy 2019

Royal Ultra Sky Marathon Altimetry |

Cut-off times

Colle dei Becchi: 8:30 AM (2h from the start)

Alpe Foges: 11:00 AM (4h30 from the start); if you don’t reach you can continue in Roc Sky Race

Lake Serù: 3:30 PM (9h from the start)

Rifugio Jervis: 6:00 PM (11h30 from the start)

Maximum total Time: 13h 30 (finish within 8:00 PM)

Results of 2017

1. Gurung Bhim Bahadur in 6:41:24; 2. Jonsson André in 6:51:37; 3. Aurell Bové Pere in 6:52:48

1. Maiora Maite in 8:05:28; 2. Schide Katie in 8:37:02; 3. Mityaeva Ekaterina in 8:48:23

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