Rankings S1 Trail 2019 - La Corsa della Bora

Trieste, Italy

January 6th 2019

8- 21- 57- 164 km on breathtaking trails, between Italy and Slovenia, from the mountains to the sea, on an ever-changing trail that encompasses Dolomitic scenaries and sea views.

With an unique climate that on the 6th of January you can find only in Trieste.

Slovakia protagonist in the fourth edition of the Corsa della Bora. Marian Priadka wins the S1 Ultra, covering 164 km in 19h46m38s, ahead Roberto Viliotti (21h56m17s) and the South Tyrolean Alexander Rabensteiner, reached the finish line in Visogliano after 23h29m34s. Among the women Italian victory with the Venetian Noale Alessandra Olivi that closes in 31h45m54s.

The 57 km S1 Trail still speaks Slovak with the success in the Marschile field of Martin Halasz (5h3m10s) that resists the return of the Tyrolean Andreas Reiterer (5h3m42s); third place for the Slovenian Janez Klancnik (5h18m23s). American victory among women: Kolbl Rea is imposed in 5h40m37s, ahead of the Polish Katarzyna Solinska (5h54m12s) and Anja Neumann (Austria), came after 6h16m48s of race.

Franco Collè, who opted for a shorter distance than habits, won the 21-mile S1 Half completing the course in 1h43m49s; behind him, beaten by only 20 seconds, the Austrian Manfred Steger, third the Slovenian Simon Strnad, came 2 seconds behind the second classified. Nicol Guidolin from Trieste (2h4m16s) is the winner of the women's race, ahead of the Monfalconeese Michela Miniussi (2h07m24s) and the Iranian Mahya Karbalaii (2h15m16s).

Austrian victory among the men in the 8 km Just Fun S1: Silvio Wieltschnig closes in 31m50s; the podium is completed by Davide Selvestrel (36m9s) and Andrea Marino (36m41s). In the women's race first three places all foreigners with the Slovenian Sasa Torkar (42m6s) that precedes the American Tori Borish (42m30s) and the Austrian Annemarie Begusch (44m38s).

8 km Results

1. Wieltschnig Silvio TEAM NORTEC in 00:31:50; 2. Selvestrel Davide TEAM TREVISATLETICA in 00:36:09; 3. Marino Andrea in 00:36:41

1. Torkar Saša in 00:42:06; 2. Borish Tori in 00:42:30; 3. Begusch Annemarie TEAM SC LAUFSPORT HERMAGOR in 00:44:38

21 km Results

Franco Collè TEAM HOKA ONE ONE in 01:43:49; 2. Steger Manfred TEAM LC SICKING in 01:44:09; 3. Strnad Simon TEAM ALDO MORO PALUZZA in 01:44:11

Nicol Guidolin TEAM CAI CIM SAG TRIESTE in 02:04:16; 2. Miniussi Michela TEAM FINCANTIERI MONFALCONE in 02:07:24; 3. Karbalaii Mahya in 02:15:16

Nicol Guidolin

Nicol Guidolin TEAM CAI CIM SAG TRIESTE in 02:04:16

Franco Collè

Franco Collè TEAM HOKA ONE ONE in 01:43:49

57 km Results

1. Halasz Martin TEAM SLOVAK ULTRA TRAIL/RUNNINGPRO and COMPRESSPORT in 05:03:10; 2. Reiterer Andreas TEAM LA SPORTIVA in 05:03:42; 3. Klančnik Janez TEAM TRIPUSTOLOVEC in 05:18:23

1. Kolbl Rea in 05:40:37; 2. Solinska Katarzyna CISOWIANKA TEAM in 05:54:12; 3. Neumann Anja TEAM DE BETTIN SPARKASSE SALZKAMMERGUT in06:16:48

Halasz Martin


Kolbl Rea

Kolbl Rea in 05:40:37

164km Results

1. Priadka Marián SLOVAK ULTRA TRAIL TEAM / TRNAVA TRAIL RUNNERS in 19:46:38; 2. Viliotti Roberto TEAM MUD&SNOW in 21:56:17; 3. Rabensteiner Alexander TEAM SKINFIT - HOKA in 23:29:34;

1. Olivi Alessandra TEAM UP&DOWN in 31:45:54; 2. Modignani Fasoli Alice TEAM GIO CARE in 35:06:52; 3. Balzarini Elena Simona in 35:56:09

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