Dolomites Saslong Half Marathon

Running around the Sassolungo Group, part of the Dolomites

St Cristina on the mountain pasture Monte Pana

June 8th 2019

The Saslong Half Marathon is the new edition of the popular Mountain Run and is a challenging trail run in the Dolomites

"The route is the goal."

Running is an optimal balance for our hectic everyday life and extremely important for our health. Runners are usually more balanced and content with themselves. In addition, teamwork and togetherness are promoted. What could be better than to be active in the fresh, clean mountain air, when that happens in a breathtaking setting in the middle of the UNESCO World Heritage, then your heart and soul will laugh. Wonderful views of the fascinating mountains with Sella, Langkofelmassiv and Plattkofel make running a pleasure. We are pleased to invite you to the second edition of the Dolomites SASLONG Half Marathon on 8th June 2019. Our run appeals to professional and amateur runners alike, both stand together at the starting line and then celebrate together in the finish, true to the motto "All are winners"! We would like to sincerely thank all the generous and hard-working helpers who contribute to the success of the Dolomites SASLONG Half Marathon and wish all participants a successful and injury-free run and a wonderful day among like-minded people.

[ASV Gherdëina Runners, organizing Committee]

Path: 21 km and 900 m altitude gain

The challenging trail starts and ends at Monte Pana and leads over rocks and boulders through 5 municipalities around the Sassolungo group.

Dolomites Saslong Half Marathon - 21 km and 900 m altitude gain

Dolomites Saslong Half Marathon - 21 km and 900 m altitude gain

Starting from the enchanting Monte Pana, we climb up the first hill to arrive at Emilio Comici Hut. After which the trail develops along at a medium altidude of around 2.200 – 2.300 metres above sea level, until it reaches the famous Sasso Piatto Hut, where the desent to return to Monte Pana begins. The enchanting landscape together with the breathtaking panorama let us forget all our exertion. After crossing the legendary Stone City, formed of countless blocks of rock, we reach the Sella Pass, where we can enjoy a spectacular view towards the Marmolada glacier, Queen of the Dolomites. Following the trail we have firstly a beautiful panorama of the Fassa valley, and then of Alpe di Siusi- the biggest mountain plateau in the Alps, together with the Catinaccio group and the Sciliar massif, from which the natural park takes its name, and thanks to its alluring peaks Punta Santner and Punta Euringer became the symbol of South Tyrol.


The distribution of bib numbers, start and finish of the trail run as well as the presentation ceremony of the athletes will take place in St Cristina on the mountain pasture Monte Pana

07.06.2019 FREITAG

17.00-19.00 h Distribution of the bips and last minute registration – Monte Pana/ Hotel Cendevaves

08.06.2019 SAMSTAG

7.30 – 8.30 h Distribution of the bips and last minute registration

9.00 h START

approx. 10.45 h expected finish of the first athletes

ca. 14.00 h Prize giving ceremony at the Hotel Cendevaves


The Sassolungo mountain group in the western Dolomites is situated between Val Gardena, Val di Fassa, the Sella Group and the Catinaccio. It is considered the symbol of Val Gardena. The mountain is actually a collection of various peaks which stretch for around a kilometre from north-west to south east. Where today these peaks are to be found, was 230 million years ago, a shallow tropical sea and a coral reef. The majestic Sassolungo group, lures the eye even from afar, and it is no coincidence that it is one of the most photographed mountains.

The Sassolungo group is comprised of:

Sassolungo (3.181 m) – Highest peak

Spallone del Sassolungo (3.081 m)

Punta delle cinque dita (2.996 m)

Sasso Levante (3.126 m)

Innerkofler Tower (3.081 m)

Dente (2.825 m)

Sasso Piatto (2.969 m)

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