Scaldagambe Winter Trail 2019

Scaldagambe classico 16km 570 D+; Scaldagambe Long 30km 1200 D+

Carvito, Italy

January 19-20, 2019

Scaldagambe Classico: 16km 570 D+

Benedetto Roda won the race in 1h07'09 ". In second place was Lorenzo Beltrami (Falchi Lecco) in 1h07'59 ". Third position for Alessandro Noris (Gav - Scais 3038) in 1h08'54 ". In the top ten Paolo Poli, Simone Paredi, Luca Arrigoni, Paolo Proserpio, Michele Piloni, Riccardo Faverio and Alessandro Crippa.

Martina Brambilla (Vam Race) won the women with the finish time of 1h20'21 ". Second came Sara Rapezzi (Osa Valmadrera) in 1h22'29 ". Third classified Eveline Makena Muriira (Runners Bergamo) in 1h30'47 ". In the top ten Elena Calio, Nadia Panna, Viviana Marri, Roberta Casati, Vasilica Nastrut, Martina Bilora and Lidia Arcangeli.

Scaldagambe Long 30km 1200 D+

Many athletes have ventured on Mount Canto, and among them has defeated Cristian Minoggio in 2h31’37”, who has followed by Daniele Donna in 2h34’10” and Danilo Brambilla in 2h36’15”.

In the women's field, Cecilia Pedroni won in 3h25’41”; With her on the podium Milena Pasin, second in 3h29'31", and Giulia Magnesa in 3h30'54". In the best ten of the day Giuliana Arrigoni, Gisella Beretta, Francesca Tentorio, Marta Cereda, Melissa Paganelli, Olga Agnelli and Ornella Rizzi.

The event organized by Carvico Skyrunning, in memory of Savino Laurora, is valid as the third round of the Winter Trail Uisp Cup 2018/2019.

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