Tor des Glaciers 2019

Extreme Endurance Trail 450 km - 32000m D+ | Alte Vie 3 and 4 | Valle d'Aosta

Path not marked without refreshment points, which overlaps only for short distances to that of the Tor des Géants.

Almost everything is written on the wall of the Rifugio Prarayer, in Bionaz: the trail of the Alta Via number 3. For those who have invented an ultratrail that traces all the Alte Vie 1 and 2 of the Valle d'Aosta, the opportunity would be was sooner or later to be grasped. "We were aware of the existence of the Alte Vie 3 and 4, a project set aside because it would have had a very limited public, but we did not know much", explains Alessandra Nicoletti, president of VDA Trailers. "We did a bit of research and we discovered François Burgay's book (Valle d'Aosta, the high forgotten streets, Alta Via Selvaggia, Alta Via dei Ghiacciai, Outdoor Editions). We contacted him about three years ago, he sent us the tracks and we decided to do something about these Alte Vie ". For the tenth anniversary of the Tor des Géants, therefore, the Tor des Glaciers has come to life.

An extreme race of 450 km with 32,000 meters in altitude, but that did not scare the trail runners, so much so that in just two minutes the places for pre-registration were already "sold out". Precisely because of its difficulty, the constraint of having concluded at least one Tor des Géants in less than 130 hours and a closed number of one hundred participants was introduced.

An unmarked route, without ad hoc refreshment points.

"The route will not be marked, there will be no flags: those who participate must be able to read a map with compass and altimeter and move with GPS and with the signs that will find along the way," says Nicoletti. It will be a completely different route, which will overlap only for short distances to that of the Tor des Géants: La Thuile - Deffeyes Refuge, Lac du Fond - Planaval, Dondena Refuge - Pontboset, Donnas - Gressoney-Saint-Jean, Champillon Refuge - Ponteille, Rifugio Frassati - Courmayeur. In the other sections there will be no ad hoc refreshment points, but the athletes will be able to use the shelters they will find and which will also act as a timing point. Only three life bases will be: Cogne, Donnas and Gressoney.

Safety and impervious points.

The security system will be the same as the Tor, but it will be of fundamental importance to use the GPS tracker: "That is the only way that will allow us to have a real-time control, so it is mandatory for regulations that the riders make sure you have it always on, loaded and working ".

The paths are those of the Valle d'Aosta trail network even if, says Nicoletti, "we have not yet made a personal inspection. When the good weather returns, we will ensure the safety of some particularly impervious points, such as the Mont Gelé or the via ferrata between the Chabod Refuge and Col Lauson. There, there will probably be some garrison during the race ".

Journey times and hourly gates.

The departure is Friday, September 6 at 20, and the time limit is 190 hours. A time calculated by averaging, because no one has yet tried the route: "It will be a bit like the first year of the Tor des Géants. I think that, under optimal conditions, the first will put us around 95 hours, and it should arrive before the first of the Tor. We do not know if we are going to put time gates, probably only half way, "Nicoletti says. That for the future is not unbalanced: "Let's see how it will go, we will pull our conclusions at the end of everything".

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