TourTrail Valle d'Aosta-Vallée d'Aoste

Calendar 2019

The Valle D'Aosta Tour Trail (TTVDA) is a trail and ultratrail race circuit and is the result of a collaboration between some organizing trail-running associations in Valle d'Aosta. The TTVDA is not addressed primarily to professional athletes but to all categories of amateurs and novices to trail activity. Typically, the trail is aimed at a mature audience, but the presence of lesser-length races and characters of amusement mixed with healthy competition also attract young people who, out of curiosity, spirit of adventure or other, want to test their resistance skills shoulder to shoulder with the Champions.

The TTVDA circuit foresees the assignment of the absolute trophy to the first man and woman of the circuit and the awarding of the first 10 absolute competitors for men and women. It will also be recognized to the first 50 finisher (25 men and 25 women) of all the main events scheduled in the circuit a special, unique and personal award.

The Races

Date Name Event Km/D+ Location Site Web
16/Mar Castle's Trail 23 km – D+ 1530 Verrès
06/Apr Traverse Trail 22 km - D+ 1800 Arnad
18/May QuarTrail 25 Km - D+ 2000; 50 Km - D+ 4100 Quart
06/Jul Licony Trail 25 km – D+ 1650; 70 km – D+ 5000 Morgex-La Salle
20/Jul Ultramarathon Fallère 38km - 2700D+; 56km - 4100 D+ Saint Oyen
24/Aug GranParadiso Trail 25km - 1800 D+; 45km - 3300 D+ Valsavarenche
07/Sep Oropa Trail 24 km - D+ 1400; 36km - D+ 2000 Oropa
28/Sep Grivola Trail 25km -D+ 1800; 35 Km - D+ 3000 Aymavilles
TourTrail Valle d'Aosta-Vallée d'Aoste

TourTrail Valle d'Aosta-Vallée d'Aoste

In 2018 the TourTrail Valle d'Aosta-Vallée d'Aoste has been won by Federica Fazari and Mattia Colella.

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