Vertikal Punta Martin

4,73 km; 1001 elevation gain meters

Acquasanta, Italy

November 17th, 2018

"Genova this year was overwhelmed by a tragedy that left us in silence for a long time. It has undergone a gigantic amputation that has divided it, almost like the old Berlin, in the West and East. The Martìn has always been, in the people who represent it and animate it, simple, sensitive, pure, but also farsighted and above all innovator. Last year, while we were tracing the perfect line to the summit, we had an idea: to create a Vertikal Experience for the amputees - special edition. Then the succession of events made us make the decision that this year our Vertikal will be dedicated only to amputated people who want to put themselves to the test trampling the path of the Direttissima ". To write is Alessio Alfier, president of the organizing committee of the Vertikal of Punta Martìn, traditional end of season appointment in Liguria, now in its seventh edition. So the climb of 4.73 km x 897 m D + next November 17 will be a special edition entirely dedicated to amputee competitors. A first that transforms the small village of Acquasanta, in the Genoese hinterland, into the navel of the competitive and supportive world. The adhesions are already many if we consider the particularity of the event, with over a dozen confident participants, led by Moreno Pesce, now a veteran of vertical competitions. Among the members there are stories of hope and redemption, like those of the French Fabienne Sava Pelosse, who underwent tibial amputation 14 years ago and has only one lung. Fabienne also participated in the Tot Dret 2018. Or the story of Alberto Braghieri who, after closing the last marathon in 2h56 'was forced to 16 interventions or that of Paolo Bertello, who lost his leg due to a traffic accident . These are just some examples of how the limits are more mental than physical (words by Massimo Coda, another member). The start is scheduled at 11 am on Saturday 17th November, with arrival at the top by 3 pm and final party at 6 pm.

It starts from the square in front of the Free Thinking Mutual Assistance Society. After a short stretch of asphalt of about a hundred meters, turn right uphill towards the Sanctuary of N.S. Dell'Acquasanta. Then continue on crêuze, the typical Ligurian mule tracks, up to the Acquasanta railway station. From here continue straight on the right for a few hundred meters again on asphalt, then turn left uphill always on asphalt. At the junction, continue on the left initially on asphalt and then on a dirt road. Beyond a small group of houses, the view becomes more open and the dirt road continues through the fields to an isolated house. You climb some steps in the grass, then continue through the green along a rather narrow path. After passing the house, the trail bends to the right and continues halfway along the left orographic side of the valley marked by the Rio Baiardetta. Continue along an easy path until you reach a crossroads, then continue on the left, shortly reaching the Baiardetta stream that you cross without any particular difficulty, passing on the orographic right of the valley.

From this point the path becomes more difficult, climbing with narrow hairpin bends in the middle of the bushes, up to the ridge that forms the border between the Municipalities of Genoa and Mele; then it continues in steep climb, through a wood of firs and, overcome some more difficult stretches, it reaches 750 s.l.m. in Rocca Calù. The path now becomes less steep, continuing along the ridge, alternating grassy sections at times on the rock that require attention especially if wet or frozen. The terminal stretch of the path develops on a strictly rocky terrain where it is necessary to use the hands to maintain balance and where particular attention should be paid.

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