Vibram Vertikal Sass de Fer 2019

Sponsored by Vibram and Kratos Sport

April 13th, 2019

Laveno (VA) Lombardia – Italy

Saturday, April 13 in Laveno, on the eastern shore of Lago Maggiore, will be held the 3rd edition of the first Vertikal Trail Running in Varese, organized by ASD 100% Anima Trail with the collaboration of the Funivie Lago Maggiore. The event sponsored by Vibram and Kratos Sport and supported by Varese Sport Commission, is part of the Grand Prix of the Varese mountains.

The registrations to Vibram Vertikal Sass de Fer, which this year will be online only, will open on Thursday February 14, 2019 and will close on Tuesday April 9, 2019. There are 200 available bibs and if they are sold out earlier, the registrations will be closed in advance in order to guarantee the safety and the smooth running of the tender.

All interested athletes can find the new Rules and the modalities of Registration on the 100% Anima Trail website (

The 3rd edition of Vibram Vertikal Sass de Fer is full of novelties. First of all is the development of the same race, a new formula with 2 runs that will make the competition even more challenging and spectacular. The first run with a distance of only 4 km of ascent, for a positive drop of 900 meters, will start from Via De Angeli (Laveno) to the top of the Sasso del Ferro. All the absolute athletes, both men and women, to have reached the summit within 42 minutes will be able to participate in the second final race. If less than 10 athletes are classified within 42 minutes, a repechage will take place up to the 10th position. We will then descend into the funicular and the second run will start, starting from the station and arriving on the terrace of the funicular itself. The second run, with a positive vertical drop of about 800 meters, will decide the overall winner of the race (single man-woman classification).

At the end of the race each participant will receive a free package with a technical gadget, a 'Pasta Party' voucher and a return for a cable car. Accompanying athletes can take a cable car up to the top of the Sasso del Ferro, buying a discounted price ticket at the ticket office in via Don C. Tinelli, 15. At the end of the race there will be a Pasta Party at the Funivia Restaurant equipped with an internal hall with a panoramic window overlooking Lago Maggiore.

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Vibram Vertikal Sass de Fer 2019
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Winners of Vibram Vertikal Sass de Fer 2018

The 2nd Vibram Vertikal Sass de Fer has crowned two uphill racing specialists: Manuel Da Col (Team Scott) who has covered the 3.5 km race with a 900 m difference in altitude of 33'09" and Rossi Maria Eugenia (Team Valetudo-serim) who reached the top in 47'23 "

Even the Team3gambe athletes led by Moreno Pesce (transfemoral amputee) Heros Marai and Giuliano Mancini together with Michele Maggioni and Constantin Bostan (transtibial amputee) who had already participated in the first edition, reached the top of Sasso del Ferro. To support Team3 legs Gildo Checchin and Simona Lo Cane specialized in Ultra Trail.