This is Vertical Race - VALGOGLIO


September 30th

Italian FISKY championship

A path of 1800 meters of development entirely balisato with tapes on the right and left and fixed ropes at critical points. A very steep and well-kept track, with many tiered points using local wood. The mountain rescue, the Cai men and other volunteers well positioned along the slope. An arrival on the panoramic ridge surrounded by fog. And then the refreshment point in the Madonnina area.

In this context the lovers of the pure ascent were challenged, among which Patrick Facchini (Team La Sportiva) imposed once again, finishing the climb in 34'22 ". The second best time is that of Pietro Lanfranchi (Ski Club Valgandino) who will stop the clock on 34'55 ". The third step of the podium belongs to the home athlete Fabio Pasini (Scai 3038) with the finish time of 35'22 ". In the top ten Simone Costa, Giovanni Zamboni, Luca Tomasoni, Daniele Andreis, Luca Lizzoli, Massimo Triulzi and Roberto Dalsant.

patrick facchini this is vertical race valgoglio

Patrick Facchini (Team La Sportiva) 34'22"

Elena Nicolini (Team La Sportiva) is the winner of This is Vertical Race in 46'42 ". Behind him Ivonne Martinucci (Gp Valchiavenna) with a time of 49'16 ". Third place for Sabrina Polito (Atletica Reggio) in 49'38 ". Fourth Raffaella Cian and fifth Michela Sacchi.

elena nicolini this is vertical race valgoglio

Elena Nicolini (Team La Sportiva) 46'42"

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