Viaggio degli eroi, trail degli eroi, sky degli eroi

2018, September 21, 22, 23th

First edition

"A race in the memory and in the history of our country through those places that have been theater of the First World War and which marked the fate of Italy and that of hundreds of men. You will start from the slopes of Monte Grappa to reach, crossing places of great battles, trenches and breathtaking views, the Shrine in Cima Grappa, where today the remains of 22,910 soldiers rest. A unique opportunity to find yourself face to face with history".

trail degli eroi feltre 2018

Viaggio Degli Eroi - Day 3

On Friday morning, September 21st, at 9.00 the first edition, unique because it takes place in the year of the centenary of the Heroes' Journey, a 110-km-long stage race starting in Feltre. The race includes a mobile camp, with tents in the style of the First World War, and a camp where the Alpine will host the athletes on their arrival with their warmth. Thursday 20 September afternoon the athletes will come from Semonzo del Grappa with a bus to stop at the first tented camp located in Pra del Moro, then move to the brewery Pedavena for a special dinner in the special company of Marco Olmo who will present his new book.

trail degli eroi feltre 2018

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The third stage on Sunday 23 September is called "inside the trenches of the Heroes", and includes the passage in the area of ​​Casara Andreon, and Col Campeggia where the athletes will pass in the middle of the trenches and inside the tunnels, to arrive after 22 km in Valle Santa Felicita up to the Ancient Abbey.

The organization, curated by the GS I Lupi Team, organizes the 46 km Trail of Heroes, at its eighth edition, on Sunday 23 September, with a revised route for the passage to the place of great historical importance that is Casara Andreon. Therefore sharing the final part in the Heroes' Journey.

Also on Sunday 23 September, the Sky of Heroes of 26 km, its fifth edition, whose first 14 km have a positive drop of 1500 meters, one of the most challenging Sky in the area.

The athletes and the fans will be hosted in the green area of ​​the Ancient Abbey in Semonzo del Grappa. A Village of the Heroes that will welcome everyone, with the refreshment for the athletes, a food area managed by the alpine, called "Panin Onto and Birra", and an exhibition area where the partner companies will present themselves.