Valtellina Wine Trail


November 10th, 2018


ASD Valtellina Wine Trail with the patronage of the crossed Municipalities, Comunità Montane and the co-organization of the Municipality of Sondrio, organize the sixth edition of the long-distance trail running competitions in semi-self-sufficiency called "Valtellina Wine Trail", "Valtellina Half Wine Trail "," Sassella Wine Trail ", which will take place on Saturday 10 November 2018. Eco-friendly races without a competitive and non-competitive impact on the environment, affiliated to the CSEN sports promotion agency.

Three races with a single finish line (and rich third time!) In the central Piazza Garibaldi in Sondrio but different starting points. From Chiuro and Tirano will start the half marathon and the marathon, characterized by tears and continuously ups and downs - despite the relatively small difference in height - will both still be challenging than the distance already implies. On the contrary, from Castione Andevenno the members of the shorter trial will be on the distance of twelve kilometers.

Valtellina Wine Trail

Valtellina Wine Trail |

The 12K race will start at ten o'clock in the morning, while the athletes at the start of the long races will move at two o'clock in the afternoon. In the latter case, this is an absolute novelty that Marco De Gasperi, "frontman" of the organizing committee and six times a mountain race champion, explained with the organizers' desire to add an additional element to the "Wine Trail" experience. of great charm: the chance to run in the blazing light of the sunset ... and beyond, in the light of the front lights!

A truly unforgettable sight, given that autumn tinges the vineyards and larch forests on the sides of the mountains, giving life to a unique natural setting. This adds to the emotion of running along the vine terraces that cover the Rhaetian side of the valley floor and the unusual passages (unique in their kind) within the wineries that produce the great wines of Valtellina. To enjoy the two thousand five hundred lucky able to win a bib for the VWT, more or less equally distributed in the three tests scheduled for a race in a few years passed by a group of fans (in 2012) to an event able to attract runners from all over Europe (twenty eight nations at the start), overcoming the local borders to become - in its context - a classic at the end of the season, in the style of the Tour of Lombardy for cycling.


Friday 9 November

11:00-20:00 Sondrio Piazza Garibaldi: opening of the race office, possibility to collect the bib and the race pack.

18:00 Briefing

Saturday 10 November

At 8:15 Piazzale Bertacchi - At the railway station square (Sondrio), transport at the start of Castione Andevenno 12km by bus (at 8:30 Castione Andevenno at Iper Verde departure: opening of the race office

At 10:00 12km race start from Castione Andevenno (at IperVerde)

At 10:00 opening Tensostruttura with bar and typical Valtellina lunch for everyone

At 11:30 meeting at the Sondrio FS station and collecting free tickets for transportation to the departures of Chiuro-Tirano

At 12:21 departure train for departures 21km Chiuro and 42km Tirano

From 12:30 Chiuro at the start of the Sports Camp: opening of the race office and the possibility to collect the bib

From 12:30 Tirano at Piazza Cavour starting point (Piazza del Comune): opening of the race office and the possibility to pick up the bib

At 14:00 Starting at the same time from Chiuro at the Sportport 21km and from Tirano 42km at Piazza Cavour

From 20:00 Valtellina Wine Trail Party

At 21:30 closing race

Ore 22:30 Awards of absolute and category races

NORTEC - New line of technical accessories for WINTER and ALPINE RUNNING

nortec Valtellina Wine Trail

The number of runners who run even in winter, or who push themselves to race in altitude in the middle seasons, is growing strongly.

The experience gained in years of research and development on MICRO RAMPONI, has led us to create a line of technical accessories dedicated to winter and alpine running. The goal is to combine the safety of the micro crampon with comfort in the race.

The MICRO GHETTA is made with a very light waterproof and breathable stretch fabric

Thanks to the innovative system of fit and adjustment, adheres perfectly allowing the runner to use the same trail shoe worn during the summer that remains perfectly dry.

GLOVES with touch-screen index contain perfect thermoregulation even in difficult conditions, thus guaranteeing excellent dexterity.

The line has been tested by MARCO DE GASPERI, six times champion of the mountain running world