Vertical NSCK1 | Bellagio Skyrace

San Giovanni, Bellagio, Italy

October 20th, 2018 | SECOND EDITION


Bellagio Skyrace and NscK1 Vertical | Como Lake | Chiara Gianola | photo by Davide Ferrari

The vertical Nsck1 will inaugurate the Bellagio Skyrace weekend on Lake Como. The only ascent test, this year at the second edition; for the Nsck1 there are only 150 available bibs.

The Nsck1 will be held in the afternoon of Saturday 20 October, and will have a development of 4.5 km with a positive drop of 810 meters with the finish line set at the Belvedere of Mount Nuvolone. At 3.00 pm the start of the race from the square of the San Giovanni district, at 210 m.


From the square of the lakeside village you climb up and after about 200 meters, you cross the provincial road to take the mule track that leads to Cagnanica between pastures and orchards. Passing from the locality of the Perlo stream Mulino, we reach, after another 2 km, in the fraction Brogno, at 550 m, where athletes will find a supply with water and mineral salts. Then start the path that, climbing in the forest for 2.5 km, leads to the famous clearing of the Belvedere of Mount Nuvolone, from where you can enjoy one of the most beautiful views of Lake Como. Here is the arrival of the vertical proposal by the NSC Bellagio Skyteam. The return to San Giovanni di Bellagio must take place from the same itinerary made uphill. Going down, it is a must to stop at the refueling point of Brogno, transformed into a rich buffet where you will not miss the typical "pan mataloc, specialty lariana". Once back in Bellagio you will move to the sports hall, where from 6.00 pm you can sit down to eat in company with the "dinner of the skyrunner". The meal voucher is included in the race package but the dinner is also open to accompanying and sympathizers. The awards are scheduled at 18.30 in the gym at the sports hall.

It was Daniel Antonioli and Ilaria Bianchi, last year, who gave the baptism to the Nsck1. Antonioli was the fastest with the finish time of 34'54 "while the female Ilaria Bianchi imposed herself in 40'50".

For further information and registration, please refer to the official website