2019 Golden Trail Series

Supported by Salomon


Building on the success of the 2018 World Tour, the Golden Trail Series, will see appear in 2019, national circuits of the same name, in several countries including a circuit France / Belgium, but also, Italy, Spain, Germany ...

Jean-Michel Faure-Vincent, co-organizer of this new national circuit, explains this choice. «For 15 years, each season, we build a national circuit (Salomon challenge, then Over The Mountain by Salomon), with the will to highlight the trail running, to meet the expectations of the runners, to present the most beautiful marathons trail, and to be progressive in our sport. So naturally and with great pleasure, we will continue this under the banner 'Golden Trail National Series', which already works exactly with these same motivations. "

"This circuit is also a big and already long adventure of trail running enthusiasts who work mostly in the shadows, to offer nice appointments to runners. From Ventoux to the Belgian Ardennes, then to the Alps and finish in the Basque country, it is also the perfect opportunity to rediscover our beautiful trails, and our beautiful regions. "

Opportunity to be invited to run the 2020 World Circuit

"Some changes will also see the day, as the number of races that passes to 5 (only the 3 best performances will be taken into account for the final ranking), a new device for awarding points, and taking into account 2 rankings: Woman and Man scratch.

As in 2018, the best of both categories, after the first 4 meetings, are invited to participate in the national final in the Basque country. They will also have the opportunity to win, in the final ranking of the circuit, invitations to participate for free in the whole of the World Cup 2020 »


1 / Ergysport Trail du Ventoux

Date / place: March 17th, Bédoin Ventoux.

Website: www.ergysport-trailduventoux.fr

Distances: 46km (selected for the classification of the circuit), 24km, 9km.

46 km records: Marc Lauenstein 3h48, Adeline Roche 4h24

The 17th edition of the trail Ventoux is running to a mythical summit that flirts with the 2000 meters. A spring mix that snaps its nose under the 1200 meters and winter that is resisting with snow on the ridges. A trail that really has a mountain connotation on a very varied terrain, between colored ocher and combes. A real immersion in the wildest places of the Ventoux massif

2 / La Bouillonnante Grand Trail de Bouillon

Date / Place: April 27, Bouillon, Belgium.

Website: http://www.la-bouillonnante.org/

Distances: 70km, 49km (selected for the classification of the circuit), 29, 15 km and child

49 km records: Michel Lanne 4:16, Juliet Champion 5:34

La Bouillonnante returns for its 14th edition. The aim of the game ? Take your foot before, during and after the event. For this, the trailers will climb a 50th of bumps that have D + 50 to 350m depending on the moment. The departure is made in the heart of the castle of Bouillon, the participants will surf on the flanks of hills to finish crossing twice the Semois which does not reach only the calves ...

Do not panic! The atmosphere and the Belgian beers will warm you up for sure.

3 / Salomon Gore-Tex Maxi Race

Date / place: May 26, Annecy-le-Vieux and Doussard for the start of the Marathon Race.

Website: www.maxi-race.org

Distances: Mini-Race child, Vertical Race, 17 km, 42 km (selected for the classification of the circuit), 85 km solo, in relay, or in 2 days, 117 km solo or in 2 days.

42km records: Thibaut Garriver 3:53, Céline Lafaye, 4:20

Organized by runners for all runners, this multi-faceted event involves participants in both courage, respect for the environment and surpassing oneself. Lake Annecy is an exceptional site that offers an authentic mountain trail trail with sequences of rolling parts, technical, single-track, passages in undergrowth, mountain pastures or greenways and forest tracks. After having surveyed the peaks, you will cross the finish line with your feet in the water or almost for a well deserved swim.

4 / Marathon du Mont-Blanc

Date / place: June 30, Chamonix-Mont-Blanc.

Website: www.marathonmontblanc.fr

Distances: 90 km, 42 km (selected for the classification of the circuit), 23 km, 10 km, starry duo, KM Vertical.

42 km records: Kilian Jornet 3:45, Elisa Desco 4:35

The program features eight races, challenges, trails to explore, breathtaking scenery and an adventure that everyone can decide to live in his own way! At the heart of the Alps, at the foot of Mont-Blanc, a unique show awaits runners from all over the world, it is an explosion of scenery and sensations that gather the time of a weekend, all those ready to take up the challenge . Under the stars or the sun, for children, experts and all the others, the pleasure of running under the majestic Mont Blanc remains an unforgettable experience!

5 / La Skyrhune

Date / place: September 21st, Ascain

Website: http://www.skyrhune.com/

Distances: 21km (selected for the classification of the circuit), 10km

Record of the course: Thibaut Baronian 01h53, Anais Sabrie 02h15

A race committed on a technical course, with Basque fervor and a plateau of very high level.

These 21km on the Massif Rhune are formidable. Great panoramas between the ocean and this iconic Rhune with its cogwheel train. Steep slopes, technical sections, and a final climb with 700m d + over 2.2km that marks the bodies and minds. Guaranteed atmosphere on hot spots with spectators come in numbers. A challenge for all to win a gold-silver-bronze Pottok medal depending on the time. After-race, buffet of local specialties and festive evening guaranteed !!

Golden Trail Series 2019

Golden Trail Series 2019 France/Belgium

More details: https://www.goldentrailseries.com