2019 Golden Trail World Series

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After successful inaugural season, the Golden Trail Series adds new race to 2019 schedule and becomes the Golden Trail World Series with the launch of the Golden Trail National Series.

In 2018, the best short distance trail runners on the planet convened to race head-to-head at five of the most prestigious trail races on the calendar as part of the inaugural Golden Trail Series. The top 10 men and women in the season-long points standings earned a spot in the Grand Final at the Otter Trail race in South Africa, where a highly competitive race among the sport’s best ensued.

In 2019, the Golden Trail Series becomes the Golden Trail World Series (GTWS) with the apparition of Golden Trail National Series (GTNS) in France, Spain and more to come. The GTWS will once again feature those five most iconic races, but with a new sixth grand race added to the list—the Dolomyths Run Skyrace in the spectacular Italian Dolomites. The Grand Final, which will change locations each year, will be staged in another dream location in 2019: the Annapurna Trail Marathon in Nepal, a race which reaches an altitude of 4,122 meters.

The GTWS is expecting to have even more elite athletes participating in the full series than in 2018. Many of the top athletes of the 2018 series will be back, plus a number of newcomers who have expressed interest in taking part

When the 2018 Golden Trail Series concluded in mid-October with the Grand Final at the Otter Trail in South Africa, it was Norway’s Stian Angermund-Vik and New Zealand’s Ruth Croft who had earned the right to be called Golden Trail Champions.

Along the way, there were a number of standout performances. Among them, three convincing wins at Marathon du Mont Blanc, Sierre-Zinal and Ring of Steall by Spanish trail running star Kilian Jornet following his comeback from a broken leg. At Pikes Peak in Colorado, American Megan Kimmel broke a 37-year old course record in winning the women’s race. And, at the Grand Final in South Africa, Polish newcomer Bartlomiej Przedwojewski (Team Salomon) and England’s Holly Page broke the men’s and women’s course records on their way to defining victories. With an influx of young talent coming onto the scene, the 2019 Golden Trail Series figures to have more outstanding performances in the sport’s biggest races.

Having six races, plus the final, will let the young generation come to the three shorter races, the 22 km Dolomites Run Skyrace, the 32 km Sierre-Zinal race and the 29 km Ring of Steall Skyrace. The more mature runners can focus on the three marathon distance racing if they want. And it will be super exciting when they all meet in the big Grand Final in Nepal.”

The schedule for the 2019 Golden Trail Series will include Zegama in Spain’s Basque Country known as “The Basque Fever”; the Marathon du Mont Blanc in Chamonix, France known as “The Roller Coaster”; Dolomyths Run Skyrace in Italy known as “The Couloir Of Hell”; Sierre-Zinal in the Swiss Alps known as “The Fast and Furious”; Pikes Peak in Colorado known as “The Impossible Record”; and the Ring of Steall Skyrace in the Scottish Highlands known as “The Scottish Vertigo”.

Also worth noting is that the Pikes Peak Marathon will be held on the weekend of August 24-25, one week later than normal. For the elite participants of the Golden Trail Series, this will make it easier to participate in both Sierre-Zinal and Pikes Peak, which were held only seven days apart in previous years.

The elites will need to participate in three of the six races during the series in order to be eligible for the final. The top-10 men and women with the most points in their three best races will earn a trip for themselves and a person of their choice to the Grand Final in Nepal. The overall final standings (and the men’s and women’s champions) of the Golden Trail Series will be determined again by the runners’ three best finishes during the season, plus their result at the Grand Final.

The inaugural season of the Golden Trail Series was a huge success, with many of the sport’s top runners participating in the races. That brought the level of competition to new heights. In 2019, the GTWS hopes reach another level of communications, like mainstream media and tv channels to spread the beauty of the sport to a larger audience and show how many groups can benefit from that exposure—the athletes, media, brands and the trail running community as a whole


The Golden Trail Series stands out in the modern sports world respecting unique values like parity, equity, transparency and honesty. The races have been chosen to highlight the most iconic events in the sport today. The series aims to promote professional trail runners as the world-class athletes that they are, to showcase and protect the awe-inspiring nature and environments where we play and compete, and to acknowledge the amazing, passionate fans as an essential ingredient in the sport. Each of the six races in the series has been specifically selected because of the scenery, the challenge, the history and the atmosphere that they offer to both the runners and to the public. These are the races that every runner wants to experience and some of the first written on any runner’s bucket list.



Date / place: June 2nd, Espana.

Distances: 42km 2736+


Date / place: June 30th, France.

Distances: 42km 2780+


Date / place: August 11th, Swiss.

Distances: 31km 2200+


Date / place: August 25th, USA

Distances: 42km 2382+


Date / place: JULY 20th, Italy

Distances: 22km 1950+


Date / place: September 21st, Great Britain

Distances: 29km 2382+


Date / place: October 26th, Nepal

Distances: 42km 3658+

Golden Trail World Series 2019

Golden Trail World Series 2019


Stian Angermund-Vik(Team Salomon) - Norway

Marc Lauenstein (Team Salomon) - Switzerland

Kilian Jornet (Team Salomon) - Spain

Oriol Cardona Coll (Team Dynafit) - Spain

Bartłomiej Przedwojewski Salomon Suunto Team (Team Salomon) - Poland

Aritz Egea (Team Salomon) - Spain

Stephan Wenk (Team Scott) - Switzerland

Alexis Sévennec (Team Scott) - France

Sage Canaday (Team Hoka One One) - USA

Thibaut Baronian (Team Salomon) - France

Davide Magnini (Team Salomon) - Italy

Nadir MAGO Maguet (Team La Sportiva) - Italy

Anthony Costales (Team Rabbit) - USA

Pascal Egli (Team Dynafit) - Switzerland

David Sinclair (Team Salomon) - USA

Rémi Bonnet (Team Salomon) - Switzerland

Francesco Puppi (Team Stance) - Italy

Andy Wacker (Team Trail Nike) - USA

Jan Margarit Solé (Team Salomon) - Spain

Petter Engdahl (Team Salomon) - Sweden

Eugeni Gil Ocaña (Team Buff) - Spain

Robert Krupička (Team Salomon) - Czech Republic

Julien Rancon (Team Hoka One One) - France

Cole Watson (Team Hoka One One) - USA

Adrien Michaud (Team Scott) - France

Nico Martin (Team Hoka One One) - France

Ismail razga (Team La Sportiva) - Morocco

Bhim Gurung (Team Salomon) - Nepal

Ricky Lightfoot (Team Salomon) - Great Britain

Andrew Douglas (Team Hoka One One) - Great Britain

Pablo Villalobos Bazaga (Team Salomon) - Spain

Antonio Martinez Perez (Team Wild Trail Project - Nike)

Andrea Simon Aymerich (Team Buff) - Spain

Jackson Brill (Team Salomon) - USA

Henri Ansio (Team Salomon) - Finland

Jacob Adkin (Team Salomon) - Great Britain

Tony Moulaï (Trail Team Isostar) - France

Jessed Hernandez Gispert (Team Inverse) - Spain

Ondřej Fejfar (Team Inov8) - Czech Republic

Finlay Wild (Team Mountain Equipment) - Great Britain

Jose Manuel Quispe Corredor Trail (Team Lippi) - Perú

Nick Elson (Team La Sportiva) - Canada

Pascal Buchs (Team Scott) - Switzerland

Thibaut Garrivier (Team Hoka One One) - France

Ionut Alin Zinca (Team CSA Steaua Bucuresti) – Romania

Karl Egloff (Team Movistar) – Ecuador

David Laney (Team Nike) – USA

Stian Øvergaard Aarvik (Team Salomon) – Norway

Florian Neuschwander (Team Red Bull/Gorewear/Garmin/On Running) - Germany

Min Qi (Team Salomon) - China


Ruth Croft (Team Scott) New-Zeland

Ida Nilsson (Team Salomon) Sweden

Holly Page (Adidas Terre) Great Britain

Eli Gordón (Team Salomon) Spain

Megan Kimmel (Team Salomon) USA

Silvia Rampazzo (Team Tornado) Italy

Fanny Borgström (Team Salomon) Sweden

Meg Mackenzie (Team Salomon) South Africa

Sheila Avilés Castaño (-) Spain

Céline Lafaye (Provence Endurance - Merrel) France

Michelle Maier (-) - Germany

YiOu Wang (Team Under Armour) - USA

Elisa Desco (Team Scarpa/Berg Outdoor) - Italy

Ragna Debats (Team Merrell) Great Britainnd

Dragomir Denisa (Team Hoka One One) - Romania

Simone Troxler (Team Running Conseil) - Switzerland

Victoria Wilkinson (Team Inov8) - England

Azara Garcia (Team HG AML) - Spain

Dominika Stelmach - versatile runner (Team Adidas) - Poland

Yngvild Kaspersen (Team Adidas) - Norway

Maude Mathys (Team Salomon) - Switzerland

Amandine Ferrato (Team Hoka One One) - France

Taylor Nowlin (Team Ultimate Direction/Rabbit/Drymax) - USA

Lina El Kott Helander (Team Merrell/Gorewear/Sportsgym) - Sweden

Sandi Nypaver (Team Rabbit) - USA

Maya Chollet (Team Mizuno) - Switzerland

Stéphanie Auston (Team Salomon) - Australia

Emily Schmitz (-) - USA

Toni McCann (Team Altra) - South Africa

Kelly Wolf (Team Under Armour) - USA

Sanna El Kott Helander (Team Merrell/Gorewear/Sportsgym) - Sweden

Sarah McCormack (Team Prozis) - Ireland

Miao Yao (Team Salomon) - China

Judith Wyder (Team Salomon) - Switzerland

Emma Pooley (Team Salomon) - Switzerland

Eli Anne Dvergsdal - idrettsutøvar (-) - Norway

More details: https://www.goldentrailseries.com