2020 Golden Trail National Series France Belgium

Building on the success of the world circuit, and the first national edition in 2019, the Golden Trail National Series France / Belgium returns in 2020 alongside national circuits of the same name in Italy, Spain, Germany, the Czech Republic ...

The 2019 edition, which has just finished on the slopes of the Basque Country with Skyrhune, has put forward a very international ranking for its first year:

Woman: 1st Oana Mhalcea / Romania, 2nd Andrea Canaud / France, 3rd Julia Rizzi / France

Man: 1st Arnaud Bonin / France, 2nd Riccardo Borgialli / Italy, 3rd Nicolas Bucci / Belgium

Beyond the many elites and practitioners of all levels, this circuit is also a great and already long adventure of trail running enthusiasts who work mostly in the shadows, to offer nice appointments to runners.

Going from Ventoux to the Belgian Ardennes, the Northern and Southern Alps and finishing in the Basque country, it is also the perfect opportunity to rediscover our beautiful trails and region, while participating in sublime sports meetings.

Some adjustments will also see the day, as the number of races will increase to 6 while maintaining only 1 race per month and the creation of a challenge Suunto, to highlight the best climbers on each stage.

As in 2019, the best of the two categories, after the first 5 meetings, are invited to participate in the national final in the Basque country. They will also have the opportunity to win, in the final ranking of the circuit, invitations to participate free of charge in the entire World Cup 2021.

All the information, and the new rules will soon be online at www.goldentrailseries.com


1 / Ergysport Trail du Ventoux

Date / place: March 08, Bédoin Ventoux.

Website: www.ergysport-trailduventoux.fr

Distances offered: 72km, 46km (selected for the GTNS 2020 classification), 24km, 9km.

46 km records: Marc Lauenstein 3:39, Rachel Drake 4:28

A route with 2 faces; A mix of spring that comes under the 1200 meters and winter that is resisting with snow on the ridges. A trail that really has a mountain connotation on a very varied terrain, between colored ocher and combes. A real immersion in the wildest places of the Ventoux massif.

2 / The Bubbling

Date / Place: April 25, Bouillon, Belgium.

Website address: www.la-bouillonnante.org

The proposed distances: 70km, 49km (selected for the GTNS 2020 classification), 29, 15 km and child

49 km records: Michel Lanne 4:16, Juliet Champion 5:34

15th edition in 2020. How many emotions during these years. With each edition, we wish to offer you an experience which combines trail, pleasure, and a grain of madness. La Bouillonnante is not a mountain race and yet, trail runners will be happy on the Ardennes peaks, coast from 100 to 300 D + never ending. The Space Mountain next to that is for Mickey. On these circuits, you will ride on the hillsides of the Tomb of the Giant and other beautiful corners.

3 / Greenweez Maxi Race

Date / place: May 29, Annecy-le-Vieux and Talloires for the start of the Marathon Race.

Website: www.maxi-race.org

Proposed distances: 16km; 42km Unclassified experience and Ranked race (selected for the GTNS 2020 classification); 89km (in 1 or 2 days, alone or in a team); 119km in 1 or 2 days

Marathon Race Records 42km: New courses this year. So there is no reference time.

The Greenweez MaXi-Race will allow all riders to experience intense emotions whatever their profile and expectations. With races ranging from 16 to 119km in 1 or 2 days solo or in team, you can discover the unique and preserved trails that run through the mountains surrounding Lake Annecy.

For the 10th edition, many new features and developments are put in place to continue to satisfy the riders: change of formula on Sunday, new partner to have 100% of organic or local supplies, limiting the number of runners departures ...

4 / Mont Blanc Marathon

Date / place: June 28, Chamonix-Mont-Blanc.

Website: www.marathonmontblanc.fr

Proposed distances: 90 km, 42 km (selected for the GTNS 2020 classification), 23 km, 10 km, starry duo, KM Vertical.

42 km records: Kilian Jornet 3:45, Elisa Desco 4:35

With 8 events and 10,500 runners from 80 nationalities, the end of June vibrates every year at the time of the Trail in Chamonix Mont-Blanc. From the 90km Ultra-Technique, around the Chamonix Valley, through the 42km that sees the best athletes of the discipline, up to the 10km that allows an introduction to the Trail and the incredible format of the Duo Etoilé which allows a pair of runners to discover the night view of Chamonix, the Marathon du Mont-Blanc has become an unmissable event on the Trail.

5 / Trail Ubaye Salomon

Date / place: 09 Aug, Barcelonnette

Website: www.ubaye-trail.fr

Suggested distances: Kid, 12km, 23km, 42km (selected for the GTNS 2020 classification)

42 km record: Nicolas Perrier 3h 43mn 29s / Amandine Ferrato 4h 31mn 06s Amandine Ferrato

In one of the most beautiful valleys of the Southern Alps, lulled by the Mediterranean sun, three trail courses, including a technical Elite course, demanding and committed. A trail that according to the altitude, will smell good lavender and génépi, the scent of undergrowth and alpine pastures, the pure and lively air of the peaks and large spaces of mountains with Provençal colors and sky. All the ingredients are there to allow your physical and technical potential to express themselves fully and bring you to the highest peaks of the Ubaye Valley, under the intrigued eye of marmots, chamois and ibexes.

6 / The Skyrhune

Date / place: September 2020, Ascain

Website: http://www.skyrhune.com/

Distances proposed: 21km (selected for the classification of the circuit), 10km

Record of the course: Thibaut Baronian 01h53, Blandine l'Hirondel 02h12

A race committed on a technical course, with the Basque fervor and a plateau of very high level.

These 21km on the Massif Rhune are formidable. Great panoramas between the ocean and this iconic Rhune with its cogwheel train. Steep slopes, technical sections, and a final climb with 700m d + over 2.2km that marks the bodies and minds. Guaranteed atmosphere on hot spots with spectators come in numbers. A challenge for all to win a gold-silver-bronze Pottok medal depending on the time achieved. After-race, buffet of local specialties and festive evening guaranteed !!

More details: www.goldentrailseries.com