Sheila Avilés Castaño

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Sheila Avilés Castaño

Sheila Avilés Castaño

Date of birth: July 7th, 1993

Birth place: Igualada, Spain

Residence: Igualada, Spain

Team: BUFF pro team

Specialty: Sky Running

Other sport: Mountain Running

Site web:

Facebook: sheilaavilescastano

Instagram: @sheilaavilesc

Twitter: @

Articles with Sheila Avilés Castaño: Livigno Sky Marathon 2019; Buff Epic trail 42 km; 2019 SkyRace® Comapedrosa; 2019 SkyMuster Winners, Limone - Summary



Yading Skyrun - 3rd Place

Limone XTreme - 3rd Place


Skyrunner World Series in Sky Classic - 1st Place

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