Bellagio Skyrace 2019 Summary

Bellagio, Italy

October 20th, 2019

The route has been modified for safety reasons: 25.5 km with 1.350 m height difference of Skyrace, Elhousine Elazzoui and Francesco Puppi took the lead. Elhousine Elazzoui of the Tornado team won the sixth edition in 1h59'04 ". With a gap of only nine seconds, Francesco Puppi (Atletica Valle Brembana - 1h59'13 ") concluded. Third position for the Seren Dennis Bosire Kiyaka team's Kenyan, 2h01’38 ”his finish time. In the top ten the Rwandan Jean Baptiste Simukeka, the Swiss Roberto De Lorenzi winner of Saturday of the vertical Nsck1, Luca Arrigoni, the Swiss Marco De Lorenzi, the American David Glennon, Andrea Rota and Andrea Santambrogio; 13th place of Riccardo Montani who wins the Skyrunner Italy Series.

Primitive Niyirora for women was already the protagonist the day before in Limone sul Garda. Serim's Rwandan team arrived on 2h30'55 ", with 13'07" ahead of runner-up, teammate Cecilia Pedroni, who won the first place in the Skyrunner Italy Series. On the podium also an excellent Sarah Palfrader: the runner and cyclist of the Athletics Alta Valtellina is third in 2h45’17 ”. In the top ten Cristiana Follador, the winner of the Nsck1 Vertical and athlete bellagina Marta Binda, Giuliana Arrigoni, Gisella Beretta, Monia Acquistapace, the French Stephanie Labruyere and Maria Piera Poletti.

In the Bellagio Half Skyrace the absolute victory went to Mattia Gianola of As Premana who completed the test in 1h15 "54" in front of Massimiliano De Bernardi (Atletica Pidaggia), second in 1h17'39 ", and Erik Gianola of As Premana, third in 1h18'28 ". Elisa Compagnoni (Atletica Alta Valtellina team) won in in 1h32'39 ", behind her Irene Mantica (1h40'54") and Barbara Sangalli (1h42'40 ").

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