Bettelmatt Ultra Trail

Val Formazza - Italy

Bettelmatt Trail 52 km; Bettelmatt Sky Race 35 km; Bettelmatt Race 22 km; Bettelmatt Mini Trail 8 km

July 13th, 2019

The area where BUT will take place, Valle Formazza, it offers beautiful landscapes and mountains, rich of tracks from the 1.000 m to the lakes and the majestic mountains of High Valle Formazza. Also the relax and wellness is part of the territory thanks to the thermal water of Premia Terme, in the near Valle Antigorio.

Official guide of BUT:


52 km of real energy, a in the middle of an unique landscape which can count really few competitors: Bettelmatt Trail has a brand new course, all in the Formazza Valley. The start is in Riale, like BSR and BR, and the course touches Rifugio 3A at 3.000, then goes, through Passo Nafelgiù and Lake Vannino, to Ponte. From the center of Formazza the course comes back to the finish lane of Riale, touching one of the most spectacular point of the Alps: Cascata del Toce. The positive difference in high of BT is 3.296 m.


Together with the twin race, Bettelmatt Race, Bettelmatt Race has made the history of trail and sky running in Valle Formazza. Born in 2007, Bettelmatt Sky Race leads the athlete up to mostly reach 3.000m of the Rifugio 3A, it has a difference in altitude of 1.940m, both positive and negative, that because start and arrival are in Riale Formazza. A various track that changes from ways where you can run, strong climb and dizzying slopes. BSR makes you a real trail runner.


Bettelmatt Race, 22 km, with a difference in high of 750 m positive and negative: is really the race thought for who wants to start trail running . In the middle of an amazing landscape with all the energy that a But Event may give.


It’s a big party: Bettelmatt Mini Trail La Stampa, 8 km that you can run or walk without being hassled by the stopwatch. The classical tour of the lake Morasco, with start and arrival in Riale – Formazza, is the ideal race for who has not trained enough, but would like to share the atmosphere of BUT, younger athletes but also for who wants to spend a good day among the mountains, maybe also with his pet.

Official guide of BUT:

52 km, winners of 2018

1. Montani Riccardo; 2. Macchi Andrea; 3. Camurri Ivan

1. Francesca Canepa; 2. Valz Gen Agnese; 3. Torresi Giulia

35 km, winners of 2018

1. Minoggio Cristian; 2. Dola Michael; 3. Mellerio Ruben

1. Brambilla Martina; 2. Vanzini Elena; 3. Cartini Claudia

22 km, winners of 2018

Bacchion Gabriele; 2. Grossi Michele; 3. Montanari Fabio

Bergamaschi Daniela; 2. Comelli Silvia; 3. Mancini Greta

Francesca canepa, 52 km winner of 2018

Francesca Canepa, winner of BT 52 km

Francesca Canepa, winner of BT 52 km

Official guide of BUT: