Edelweiss Run 2019

10 km 800 D+ Trail Running Race

Forcola (SO) Valtellina, Italy

May 4th 2019

Winners: Giovanni Rossi and Lucia Moraschinelli

Top 3 men

1. Rossi Giovanni 01:03:13

2. Leoni Francesco 01:06:16

3. Gusmeroli Alessandro 01:07:46

Top 3 women

1. Moraschinelli Lucia 01:20:15

2. Scamozzi Simona 01:31:05

3. Lino Simona 01:33:51

Giovanni Rossi and Lucia Moraschinelli pics

Moraschinelli Lucia Edelweiss 2019

Moraschinelli Lucia Edelweiss 2019

Giovanni Rossi Edelweiss 2019

Giovanni Rossi Edelweiss 2019

The race

The entire route winds for about 11.5 km with a positive altitude difference of 800 m. This is a trail that winds through the paths, mule tracks and rural settlements between the municipality of Forcola and the municipality of Colorina, in the lower Valtellina. The route consists of 15% asphalt, 65% forest paths, 25% driveways. From the starting point of the sports field in the Selvetta locality, cross the built-up area and then enter the woods after about 1 km; you immediately gain altitude, zigzagging towards Acquazzo. After a short descent again on the paths where the chestnut forest begins to give way to increasingly thick beeches. After about 300 m in altitude you reach the village of Alfaedo. You walk through some narrow streets among the characteristic houses and then leave the built-up area behind you and head for the final climb all the way up to the Alpini hut where the refreshment awaits, passing through Ronco between suggestive musky paths; here we reach the maximum altitude of about 1000 meters above sea level, after a difference in altitude of 800 m and 5.5 km of development. The landscape changes considerably by penetrating the pinewood of larch and fir trees, where the trudging step of the climb turns into stretches into a rise and fall that allows one to express one's abilities in speed. Once you reach the town of Bruciate, you turn sharply downwards and engage the pace of descent along a cart track to then tackle a loss of altitude along steep 200m-long technical trails in just over 1 km, until you reach Rodolo and a little further down is Zucco. We are now going to face the last 300 m of negative gradient along the chestnut wood again, until we reach the parish church of Selvetta; you pass from the square and again on the asphalt for the final sprint to the sports field where the race village is set up.

Non-competitive walking

On Saturday 4 May there will be no room for runners only, but also for families, children and those who are a little less trained: for them the Edelweiss Walk, a 4 km walk in the Selvetta plain with educational educational activities on health issues and environmental protection thanks to the youth of the Morbegno CRI and snack at Nicola De Petri's La Frutteria.

Official website: www.edelweissrun.it
Facebook page: edelweissrun