2019 International Skyrace Carnia

24,5 km 2.005 m. D+ | PALUZZA (Italy) June 16th, 2019

Italian skyrunning championship

Winners: Silvia Rampazzo and Rok Bratina

The race

Rok Bratina Aldo Moro Paluzza Team dominated from the early stages of the race. Rok Bratina and Tiziano Moia (Gemonatletica) led the first fifteen kilometers of the race to the same extent passing with the same time to the Passo di Monte Croce Carnico. In the subsequent climb to the Pal Piccolo, Rok has progressively detached the traveling companion who, after the peak of the climb, was reached and passed by Davide Cappelletti (Skyrunning Adventure) in great comeback. The first position was consolidated in the final descent that led to the Timau Lakes where the finish banner was placed. Rok Bratina, closed with a time of 2: 39’31 ’’. In second position with a time of 2: 45’37, Daniele Cappelletti (Skyrunning Adventure) took the lead while Tiziano Moia, (Gemona Atletica) took the third step of the podium. Fourth Mattia Tanara (Team Scott) and fifth Paolo Lazzara (Team Aldo Moro).

In the women's field, the Italian athlete Silvia Rampazzo dominated from the beginning to the end the Sky Race® behind her Carla Spangaro and Lucija Krkoc. Silvia Rampazzo closed with a time of 2: 59 ’: 06’ ’recording the new record of the course previously held by Silvia Serafini.

The race, with a length of 24,500 meters and with a positive gradient of 2004 meters, organized by the US Aldo Moro, has awarded the Italian titles, Under23 and Master, discipline SKY, for F.I.Sky. (Italian Skyrunning Federation), making Cappelletti and Rampazzo dress the absolute Italian jersey.


Silvia Rampazzo Carnia Skyrace 2019

Silvia Rampazzo 2019 Skyrace Carnia

Rok Bratina Carnia Skyrace 2019

Rok Bratina 2019 Skyrace Carnia

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