Kullamannen Ultra 100 miles "SKY, SEA & HELL" 2019

A 100-mile long course along 12 fantastic nature reserves with an end to magical Kullaberg and Ladonia.

The course runs along beautiful ridges and stretches of coast. When the day is over, you have traveled about 100 miles and got a lot of slopes. more specifically about 4300 m

The track runs along the Skåneleden trail. Norrviken - Hovs Hallar - Torekov - Angelholm - Arild - Kullens Fyr - Mölle.

From start to Ängelholm orange markerl. Angelholm to Utvälinge fully cut. Orange marking to Himmelstorp then it will be a well-marked reflex / sectional run of 22km that you cannot miss even if you stumble forward from fatigue.

The track is quite complex in all its simplicity. The road to Himmelstorp may seem easy, but km tires and the sudden change as you enter the Death Zone at Kullaberg can be a difficult transition in the dark.

What, then, is the Zone of Death?

A varied technical trail that leaves no untouched!

Parts of it go on open cliffs such as the Isle of Sky, Drakryggen, death slopes, Nimis, rock jumping, which makes the runner one moment tiptoe for the breath of the beautiful nature. Other times it is like the old drowning sailors, the Strandwasser wants to pull one into the abyss and with breath you fight against burning lactic acid bone.

At the lighthouse you see the light and Mölle harbor feels close, in your imagination you can feel the barbecue scent and at the last 1200 meters along the old beach road with the salt splash of the sea directly to the right the audience cheers one into goals with euphoric feelings you will never forget.

2017 broke 72%. 36 men + 4 women passed the power test.

In Australia, the banana was described as:

"This was a monster, a slayer of strong men"

With a roadbook you will travel alone along different parts of the Skåneleden trail before heading to Kullaberg where you end the adventure with three turns on the "Death Zone" course.

Dropbags in Ängelholm / Mölle which have larger food stations with hot food + what you may need.

In Mölle we have warm tents to seek solace during the dark night

Liquid in addition to this in Glimminge, Svanshall, Himmelstorp, Lighthouse

You carry a GPS tracker that allows your progress to be tracked by both race management and relatives.

Welcome to one of the country's most beautiful and toughest ultras.

Those who manage it are well worth wearing the belt.

“It is good to have an end to journey towards; but it is the journey that matters, in the end. ” / Ernest Hemingway


Friday-Saturday, November 1-2, 2019 (Halloween)

Information meeting Friday 1/11 at 08:15 Hotel Skansen Båstad

Start Friday 1/11 at 09:00 Friday at Skansen Båstad

Price: 1095 SEK

Bus from Mölle harbor on Friday at 06:00 to the start at Hotel Skansen in Båstad.

2019 summary: Here

More details: www.kullamannen.com

Facebook page: @Kullamannen