Matterhorn Ultraks «EXTREME» 2019

August 23rd, 2019

Zermatt - Switzerland

24 km, 2,800m+ / SuperSky Race


The «EXTREME» Race of Matterhorn Ultraks is a new race designed expressly for the best Skyrunners of the world. It blends the pure values of Skyrunning with one of the most spectacular mountain scenery you can find. Designed by the Anthamattens’ brothers, the course features high altitude – 25% of the course is above 3’000m-, technical sections and mountaineering segments.

Compared to all other races of the Matterhorn Ultraks, it starts the opposite way, towards the Hohbalm Plateau before passing by iconic locations such as Unter Gabelhorn, Rothornhütte, Furrghorn, Platthorn and Trift. Then it is the downhill towards Zermatt.


Distance: 24 km

Vertical climb: 2,800m*

Highest point: 3,300m*

Race records: NEW COURSE

Matterhorn Ultraks «EXTREME» 2019 Map

Matterhorn Ultraks «EXTREME» 2019 Map

Matterhorn Ultraks «EXTREME» 2019 Altimetry

Matterhorn Ultraks «EXTREME» 2019 Altimetry

Matterhorn Ultraks «EXTREME» scores for the Skyrunner® World Series 2019

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