Nasego Vertical and Nasego Trophy 2019

International Mountain Running race and Vertical Kilometer

May 18 and 19, 2019 | Casto (BS) - Italy

Andrea Mayr will be at Nasego for the Vertical race. The holder of the world record on the kv, always established in Italy at Chiavenna-Lagunc, will be the woman to beat. Also Valentina Belotti, Camilla Magliano, Elisa Sortini, Samantha Galassi, Roberta Ciappini, Louise Mercer, Primitive Nyriora, Katarzyna Kuzminska and Anna Laura Mugno will be in the race for the Italian title.

Davide Magnini, Andy Douglas, Sylvain Cachard, Hannes Perkmann, Henri Aymonod, Emanuele Manzi, Fabio Bazzana, Fabio Ruga, Andrea Rostan, Tiziano Moia will be in the race for the Italian title.

In the 21,4 km 1300 m D+ classic distance race Emanuele Manzi, Francesco Puppi, Luca Cagnati, Xavier Chevrier, Luca del Pero, Bernard and Martin De Matteis, Andrea Rostan, Hannes Perkmann, Alberto Vender, Patrick Facchini, Marco Zanoni, Rolando Piana, Fabio Ruga, Francesco Trenti and Andreas Reiterer, Samantha Galassi, Camilla Magliano, Elisa Sortini, Lucy Wambui Murigi, Charlotte Morgan will be in the race for the Italian title.

Vertical Nasego and Nasego Trophy are the two races that will be awarded on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th May with the absolute Italian titles, promises, masters, juniors and KM Vertical and Long Distance Mountain Racing companies.

Registration until 5/05/2019

€ 10 km Vertical with race pack

€ 10 Nasego Trophy with race pack

€ 20 COMBINED WITH race pack

Registration from 06/05/2019 to 16/05/2019

€ 15 km Vertical with race pack

€ 15 Nasego Trophy with race pack

€ 30 COMBINED WITH race pack

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