Pikes Peak Marathon® and Pikes Peak Ascent® 2019

Kilian Jornet and Maude Mathys won Pikes Peak Marathon®

Joseph Gray and Kim S Dobson won Pikes Peak Ascent®

Start: City Hall, Manitou Springs, CO, United States

August 24th, 2019

America's Ultimate Challenge

The Pikes Peak Marathon is a one-of-kind race. Runners begin on the streets of Manitou Springs, Colorado, run a half marathon to the top of 14,115-foot Pikes Peak on the historic Barr Trail while climbing 7,770 feet, and descend all the way back to downtown Manitou again. Add in the factors of altitude, Colorado’s hot summer temperatures, an at-times-sandy trail, now 64 years of history, as well as deep competition and this adds up to a race story as unique as the event itself.

Kilian Jornet returned to this race for the second time, his first time since 2012, and ran unchallenged at the race’s helm, finishing in the sixth-fastest time in the race’s now-64-year history. Maude Mathys, too, proved untouchable in the women’s race, setting a big new women’s course record.

The 5th stage of the Golden Trail World Series was at Manitou Springs (USA, Colorado) for the famous Pikes Peak Marathon. If Kilian Jornet won the race, the sensation of the week end came from Maude Mathys who broke the record of the race.

Swiss runner Maude Mathys crushes Pikes Peak Marathon women's record.

Maude Mathys of Ollon, Switzerland, took a spill high on the slopes of 14,115-foot Pikes Peak. She then collected herself and dashed to a new women's race record of 4 hours, 2 minutes, 41 seconds. The previous best (4:15:04) was set in 2018 by Colorado runner Megan Kimmel.

There was a lot of speculation prior to the 2019 Pikes Peak Marathon, especially around Matt Carpenter’s record of 3:16:22 which he set in 1993 and whether the Spaniard who lives in Norway Kilian Jornet (pre-race and post-race interviews) could possibly break it. Many people thought he could and many thought he wouldn’t–the latter group including Jornet himself who said pre-race that Carpenter’s record was something “really special.” By just a couple miles into the race, Jornet had already broken free of the field and basically solo time trialled the rest of the event. He summited Pikes Peak in 2:09, some eight minutes off record pace but four minutes in front of anyone else, proving himself a level in front of the rest of the men’s field but not on the level of Carpenter circa 1993. Between the summit and the finish line, Jornet put another 7.5 minutes on everyone else, crossing the line in 3:27:28. No doubt, this is a fast time, the sixth-fastest in the race’s long and competitive history.

Ahead of the race, much more talk was about the men’s record than the women’s. Despite this, it was Switzerland’s Maude Mathys who put on the master class of record breaking. After her Sierre-Zinal showdown, where she set a record two weeks ago, she had a bright day here on Pikes Peak too. She started in the front, pushed the pace, and gained all her time on the record on the uphill. At Barr Camp, 7.6 miles into the race, she was more than six minutes up on the record. Then, at the summit turnaround, she was 13-plus-minutes ahead of the record. Like Kilian Jornet in the men’s race, Mathys solo at the front of the women’s race went more like a time trial. From the summit to the finish, she ran very strong, but not fast enough to gain any more time on the record. Her 4:02:41 is a new course record that bests Megan Kimmel’s 2018 time of 4:15:04 by about 12.5 minutes.

2019 Pikes Peak Marathon® Top 10

Men Results:

1. Kilian Jornet (Spain - Team SalomonRunning)

2. Sage Canaday (USA - Team Hoka One One)

3. Marc Lauenstein (Switzerland - Team Salomon)

4. Aritz Egea (Spain - Team Salomon)

5. David Sinclair (USA - Team Salomon)

6. Henri Ansio (Finland - Team Salomon)

7. Thibaut Baronian (France - Team Salomon)

8. Juan Carlos Carera Casas (Mexico - Team Buff)

9. Michelino Sunseri ( USA )

10. Francesco Puppi (Italy - Team Hoka One One)

Women Results:

1. Maude Mathys (Switzerland - Team Salomon)

2. Yngvild Kaspersen (Norway - Team Adidas Terrex)

3. Meg Mackenzie (South Africa - Team Salomon)

4. Amandine Ferrato (France - Team Hoka One One)

5. Eli Gordón (Spain - Team Salomon)

6. Sara Kadlec (USA)

7. Sarah Marie Guhl (USA)

8. Céline Lafaye (France - Team Merrell)

9. Becca Bramley (USA)

10. Julie Powell (USA)


Kilian Jornet 2019 Pikes Peak Marathon® and Pikes Peak Ascent® path

Kilian Jornet, 2019 Pikes Peak Marathon®

Maude Mathys 2019 Pikes Peak Marathon® and Pikes Peak Ascent® path

Maude Mathys, 2019 Pikes Peak Marathon®

2019 Pikes Peak Ascent® Top 10

Men Results:

1. Joseph Gray

2. Seth James DeMoor

3. Galen Burrell

4. Lindon David

5. Kieran C Nay

6. George Foster

7. Devin R VansCoy

8. Tate Lagasca

9. Nathan Thomas

10. Jeff Rome

Women Results:

1. Kim S Dobson

2. Ashley M Brasovan

3. Mathilde Sagnes

4. Chelsea Bolton

5. Michelle A Hiland

6. Abigail Rae Leaf

7. Kim Rose Baugh

8. Lauren Puretz

9. Hannah Osowski

10. Katie O'Regan

Race video: GTWS/2019/Ep 5 Pikes Peak Marathon 24min/ENG

Official website: https://pikespeakmarathon.org

Facebook page: pikespeakmarathon