Skyrunner® Italy Series 2019

Nine races, five regions, among the most followed in Italy

Doppia W Ultra 60. ©R Ganassa

Doppia W Ultra 60. ©R Ganassa

Great news is announced for the Skyrunner® Italy Series 2019.

They are presented with an eye to the world of scores, a new race and a new partner, the main sponsor, Invel®, a Japanese company that produces clothing that improves performance and recovery times, together with the historic partners Noene® and Agisko® - all committed to improving the unique experience of being skyrunner.

There will be nine races in five regions that make up the Skyrunner® Italy Series 2019, selected among the best and most followed in Italy - in pure skyrunning style.

The sixth edition follows the formula of the "big sister", the Migu Run Skyrunner® World Series, with only one ranking and one category that will establish the winners of the circuit. In addition to the € 3,000 prize money, the novelty is also in the qualification for the final of the World Series, the Sky Masters.

Doppia W Ultra 60. ©R Ganassa

Doppia W Ultra 60. ©R Ganassa

It starts on April 14th, again in Sardinia, with the Sardinia Skyrunning Experience, followed by the traditional appointment at the Ultra Trail of Mugello at the end of April. In June it will be the turn of the Bella Dormiente SkyRace®, Double W Ultra 60 and the Monte Chaberton Trophy.

July will be dedicated exclusively to Pizzo Stella SkyMarathon, (valid for Sky Masters) to continue with one of this year's novelties, La Via di Hannibal SkyMarathon on September 1st.

In October will return the Tartufo UltraMarathon with a new 78 km route. The "grand finale" will be held again on Lake Como with the classic Bellagio SkyRace® on October 20th.

Marino Giacometti, President of the International Skyrunning Federation, comments, "The Skyrunner® National Series are the most" media "tool, in addition to national championships, to promote skyrunning in each country. As president of the International Skyrunning Federation I am proud that they are establishing themselves in many countries, from Europe to America and also in Asia .... since 2019, in fact, in 12 countries! "

Chiara Gianola at Pizzo Stella SkyMarathon. ©Giacomo Meneghello

Chiara Gianola at Pizzo Stella SkyMarathon. ©Giacomo Meneghello

From 2019 all Skyrunner® National Series will have an even stronger connection with the world circuit: the points earned will also be valid for the world ranking and, depending on your position at the end of the season, you can qualify for the new challenge, the Sky Masters, where all the best will meet to cross the blades.

To follow a skyrunning circuit it takes a lot of physical effort. An important help also comes from the new main sponsor of the circuit, Invel®, manufacturer of clothing and accessories designed to improve performance and recovery times. The MIG3® technology (long-wave infrared rays) is applied to fabrics that is able to accelerate the recovery of sports fatigue of 64% in 24 hours - the ideal partner for all skyrunners!

Skyrunner® Italy Series 2019 Calendar

Date Name Event Km/D+ Location Site Web
April 14th Sardinia Skyrunning Experience 21 KM 1740 D+ Villacidro (VS)
April 28th Mugello Ultra Trail 60 KM 3180 D+ Borgo San Lorenzo (FI)
June 08th Bella Dormiente Skyrace® 29 KM 2100 D+ Castelnuovo Nigra (TO)
June 08th Doppia W Ultra 60 60 km 4300 Valtellina/Valposchiavo, Tirano (SO)
June 30th Trofeo Monte Chaberthon 26 km 1939 D+ Cesana (TO)
July 14th Pizzo Stella SkyMarathon 35 KM - 2650 D+ Fraciscio di Campodolcino (SO)
September 1st La Via di Annibale SkyMarathon 41 KM - 3300 D+ Usseglio (TO)
October 06th Tartufo UltraMarathon 78 KM - 4180 D+ Calestano (PR)
October 20th Bellagio SkyRace 28 KM 1850 D+ Villa Melzi Bellagio (CO)
Skyrunner Italy Series 2019 Calendar

Skyrunner Italy Series 2019 Calendar | Supported by Salomon

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