Stockholm Trail 2019

In 2019, the classic Stockholm Trail race for the eighth consecutive year is arranged. Since the first edition, the race has been arranged annually in June with a stretch of track in the Nackareservatet, just south of Stockholm City.

"When we submitted applications for the 2019 race, the environmental unit at Nacka municipality was hesitant about a race in the nature reserve in June. This partly because the animals get young and need to be left undisturbed during this period. As the running and exercise trend has grown ever stronger, the unit also feels that the wear on the ground is at the limit of what can be seen as acceptable", says Marielle Larsson.

Taking into account the above and with a dialogue with the municipality, the organizer association OK Södertörn has decided to move the Stockholm Trail until August 24, 2019.

"Of course we listen and take to ourselves. Of course we want to let the animals get peace and quiet and are also aware that we have not previously been allowed to arrange orienteering competitions at this time, so it will not come as a big surprise. The decision has also contributed to us deciding to put an even stricter sustainability profile on the whole event in the future".

The race

August 24 - Stockholm Trail -

Distances: 5 km, 10 km, 21 km, minitrail and youth 5km

In 2018 Helena Wallin and Johan Höij won in the long 21 km class in the weekend's Stockholm Trail, which was arranged for the seventh year in the order. With 28 degrees in the air, most runners probably remember the weekend as a sweaty event. At the 10 km race won Malin Starfelt and Kim Rörvik; In the 5 km class Fredrik Grimborg and Petra Kindlund won.