Tarvisio Winter Trail 2019 - Nortec National Championship

Marco De Gasperi & Elisa Desco won the Tarvisio Winter Trail

2nd race of the NORTEC-CSEN winter trail national championship 2019

March 9th, 2019

The path of 13,5km (688md +) in the basin of Lago Superiore of Fusine (UD), in the presence of the chain of Mount Mangart. The Winter Trail is a walking race that takes place in a natural environment, generally on mountain trails or on snow-covered or icy groomed trails with paved stretches or limited asphalt that at most and in any case must not exceed 70% of the total length of the route.

Marco De Gasperi won in 1h 09'49". Behind him Luca Del Pero (1h09’52”), Dennis Brunod (1h09’59”), Emanuele Manzi, Tiziano Moia, Luca Cagnati, Giuseppe Della Mea, Paolo Bonanomi, Robert Stark, and Stefan Schölzer.

Marco de gasperi - Tarvisio Winter Trail 2019

Marco De Gasperi

Among the women, won Elisa Desco in 1h 17'50" in front of the skyrunner Elisa Sortini 1h 18'04". Behind them Nicol Guidolin 1h 25'02"; Sarah Palfrader and Ulrike Strieding follow in the order.

Elisa Desco - Tarvisio Winter Trail 2019

Elisa Desco

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